The Hindu Indian state should have the same rule as Brazil for sacking the military chief, whether there is internal or external trouble that is not checked. Simranjit Singh Mann.

The Tribune dated 23rd January 2023

Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that our party appreciates the action the Brazilian government has taken against its military Chief Gen. Julio Cesar De Arruda and sacked him for not maintaining law and order when the new President took office.

The military in any country is supposed to maintain internal peace and vigilance on its borders.

We are dismayed that the military in this country took part in a military operation code named Bluestar of 1984. It took the aid of British and Soviet forces, with the full military thrust attacked the stateless Sikhs in their holiest Shrines the Darbar Sahib (The Golden Temple) and killed the young and future Sikh leadership.

After this hostility in the same year 1984, the military remained in the barracks and cantonments but did not step out to save the Sikhs who were once again subjected to the crime of genocide by the then Premier Rajiv Gandhi.

In 2002 massacres were ordered of the Muslims by the BJP-RSS government of Gujarat, but again the armed forces did not step out of their barracks to save the human life.

In 2000 President Bill Clinton of America visited the Hindu state. Then the Union BJP-RSS government, its Union Home Minister L.K. Advani ordered the army to massacre 43 innocent Sikhs in village Chitthisinghpura of Kashmir. The then Secretary of State Albright recalls this incident in her memoirs. Again these killings were done with impunity.

Our party feels that like Brazil if the military fails in taking action when the majoritarians take to wide scale killings of minorities, the military remains a silent spectator, and then the military commanders need to be sacked.

It is unfortunate that the Indian armed forces have failed to keep order internally but also failed in their patriotic duty to save the borders of their country from foreign aggression.

There is need for a fresh thinking on the duties of the armed forces, as in this case since 1947 the armed forces have failed to save the minorities from the crime of genocide and also failed to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Simranjit Singh Mānn,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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