Comments on Russian arms to THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) and the one sided visit of External Affairs Minister Jaishankar to Britain, seeking to stop the freedom of speech and expression of the Sikhs in UK. Simranjit Singh Mann, Member of Parliament.

The Tribune dated 15th November 2023

The Tribune dated 17th November 2023

Comment by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that this is a good article by Mr. Rahul Bedi, but our party wants to know why the Hindu Indian state became a totally subordinate a servitude state to the Soviet Union and later Russia.

In fact the majoritarian portion of the Hindu Indian state used the Soviet Union to send its armed forces to attack the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs, The Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in a military ingress code named Operation Bluestar of 1984 along with Britain and India’s own armed forces to attack the stateless Sikhs and their cardinal place of worship. In that operation these forces committed the genocide, memoricide, vandalism and ethnocide of the Sikh peoples with impunity.

By this stroke the Hindu Indian state has forever alienated the Sikhs from its main stream politics and administration.

Having put all its eggs in one basket, that of the Soviet’s and buying weaponry from that state, we seek to know why if the Soviet’s then Russia sold or gave more advanced weaponry to Communist China, like the Su-35, Su-57, stealth jet fighters and then the Hindu state has always said that the Russian’s have been their best of chums. We don’t know, with what measure the Hindu state calls the Russians their best friends?

Now that all Hindu India’s weaponry has become archaic and obsolete, it is now licking the American’s for redemption. It has no stealth jet fighter like Communist China’s and Islamic Pakistan’s.

Its External Affairs Minister Mr. Jaishankar is on a five day visit to Britain, which is un-presidented and he is lecturing Premier Sunak, Foreign Secretary David Cameron, Home Secretary James Cleverly and Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary MP David Lammy and others to curtail the freedom of speech and expression of the Sikhs in Britain and the Five Eyes.

We ask Mr. Jaishankar that if he has read the history of Britain and heard of the Magna Carta, is it possible that the British will curtail the freedom of speech and expression of the Sikhs, keeping in view the services of the Sikh nation to the forces of freedom in World War I and World War II.

As regards freedom of speech and expression in the Hindu Indian Parliament is concerned, the majoritarian Hindutva majority of the BJP-RSS in the Parliament under the jackboots of Speaker Om Birla, it is a definite reality that as I representing the Sikhs in Parliament, I am not allow to speak and if I ask for time, Speaker Birla sits up from his seat and frantically keeps waving his left arm which goes up and down to stop me from having my word.

Perhaps the Hindutva regime after 1947 has not gone through the history and the pains that followed to get free speech and expression as a right, as they have never signed a Magna Carta.  

We think Sikhs around the world must raise their voice against the five day visit of External Affairs Minister Jaishankar to Britain, just to malign the Sikhs and make and push the British to passing a law to curtail the free speech and expression of just the Sikhs alone.

We are facing a two pronged attack from the Hindutva Union Government and its press, which daily the editor of The Tribune Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran labels the Sikhs as “designated terrorists”. With all the reading we have done in English we don’t understand what a designated terrorist means. One is or not a terrorists but prefixing the word designated towards terrorists is shamelessly arrogant and anti-secular. But then the majoritarians always have their say and get away with it.

Simranjit Singh Mann,
Member of Parliament,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

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