From Simranjit Singh Mann,

Member of Parliament,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar).

To The Editor,

The Tribune,


Dated 08th November 2023

Dear Sir,


Please refer to your editorial “India-Canada impasse” dated 07th November 2023 of your newspaper.

Sikhs take umbrage when you refer to one of us as a “designated terrorist” while referring to S. Hardeep Singh Nijjar who was assassinated by the agencies of India in Canada.

You can refer to any person as a “designated terrorist” if he or she are convicted in an anti-terrorist court.

Since S. Hardeep Singh Nijjar has never suffered a conviction in any court of law, he as a Sikh cannot be nomenclatured as a “designated terrorist”.

In fact the country which has declared Indian agencies in its Parliament in Ottawa of heaving made a killing of a Sikh in Canada, can be said that country uses terror as a state policy. Therefore, it would be right to call a spade a spade.

With such inaccurate and biased writings your newspaper is sowing a deep discord between the majority and the minority.

The minority as usual cannot compete with the resources of the majority to mount a counter-attack.

It would be good and beneficial for peace if The Tribune does not go back to the dark period when Prem Bhatia was the editor of this paper and Lala Jagat Narain the editor of Jagbani.

I hope our party has made it very clear that the Sikhs will not withstand abuse and vulgarity by the majority.

If the Indian state had not assassinated S. Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the US Justice Department and the FBI would not have issued a nation-wide advisory for Sikhs to remain vigilant for any signs of danger to their lives. We reproduce this Advisory in Punjabi which was issued by the USA:

This wicked and slimy assassination of an innocent Sikh in Canada by the Indian agency will remain in the hearts of the Sikhs like the Drayfus Affair.

Please don’t use The Tribune as a Kangroo court. We report to the trustees of The Tribune to advise their editor that he should not cross the red line.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Simranjit Singh Mann,

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