Sikh baiting must end.- Simranjit Singh Mānn

The Tribune Dated 10th February,2022

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that usually the author Vivek Katju writes his articles in a mild tone, but this one is full of anger.
Canada is a democratic country but it cannot tolerate the idea of a state within the state. Hindu India has become a parallel state in Canada as its diplomatic missions have far too many intelligence officials from R&AW and IB in the guise of diplomats.
Their work load is mainly snooping around Sikh Gurudwara’s and collecting intelligence on the Sikh Canadian’s. They follow a carrot and stick policy. Rewarding Sikh’s who collaborate, who are rewarded with visas to the Hindu Indian state and other privileges. The Sikh’s who want to keep their Canadian identity and work within the democratic system are not entertained by the High Commission and its Consulates.
It is not that the Hindu Indian state acts with Canadian politicians kindly and with due respect. The last time the Canadian Prime Minister and the Defence Minister visited the Hindu Indian state they were met with rude and a discourteous behaviour. During the period of Premier Vajpayee I was a Member of Parliament and I had to write to him about the Union Governments impudent behaviour towards the Canadian visitor. I have that correspondence on record.

Moreover in the Kanishka Air India crash there was an unprecedented activity in the High Commission. Some diplomats did not board the Kanishka flight to Delhi and the crash according to Sikh intelligence was to paint the Sikh’s as terrorists.
This crash occurred in the Irish Sea but Ireland’s coroners report showed that this plane did not go down after a blast. The Canadian Government also appointed the Major Commission which did not show any Sikh hand in this unfortunate tragedy. We believe that the Rajiv Gandhi Government was responsible for this crash.
The RCMP suspected Talwinder Singh, but Talwinder Singh was in the Hindu Indian state. He was captured by the Punjab Police under KPS Gill the then DGP. He should have been handed over to the RCMP. But KPS Gill had him killed in an extra judicial encounter. Why he wasn’t handed over to the RCMP raises a lot of suspicion?
The work of the intelligence agencies where the Hindu Indian state has missions is mainly to snoop around Sikh Gurudwara’s and keep a track of Sikh leaders in all spheres.
Had the intelligence agencies been loyal to the Hindu Indian state they should have reported well in time of the Communist China’s ingress into Ladakh in 2020. For this failure the Chief’s of the intelligence services and the Union Home Secretary have been rewarded with extension in their respective services by the radicalised Hindutva Union Government.
Canada must be checking the records of the Hindu state’s officials as they have been involved in genocide, memoricide, vandalism and ethnocide of the Sikh peoples. Even Premier Nerandra Modi in his Parliament speech the other day has admitted that the Sikh’s were massacred. When Mr. Rajnath Singh was the Union Home Minister had stated that the Sikh’s had been the victims of genocide. We do not think that any more proof is needed about the Sikh genocide as a number of US state legislatures have passed resolutions of the Sikh genocide.
As far as the charge of Khalistan as made by the author is concerned we do not think that there is any breach of law for seeking the right of self-determination. Read article 51 of the Constitution.
As regards the author suggesting harsher treatment of Canada and its citizens, we do not think that anything more can be done by the Hindu Indian state which is not being done by the Union Government in Delhi. If the author believes in the imperium in imperio policy, then of course that would be a different matter.
But what about the Hijab policy now being followed by the Hindu Indian state, this instead of constant Sikh baiting needs an answer.

Simranjit Singh Mānn,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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