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Refuting news of The Tribune Dated 21st July, 2022

The vicious attack of The Tribune on Simranjit Singh Mānn continuous unabated. The reason is that he has defeated the forces of Hindutva and is now an elected Member of Parliament.

In today’s Tribune dated 21st July-2022 under the heading – “Sarai Naga encounter was real, claims MP”, the writer of the news item Mr. Vishav Bharti states that the “former IAS officer Gurtej Singh, who wrote a write-up on the 1979 incident, rubbished Mann’s claims and said there was no doubt that Nihangs were killed after they were made to surrender. He said his source of his information was then District Magistrate Gurbax Singh Gosal”.

The fact is on the records of the court that the District Magistrate Sardar Gosal was the star witness of the Sarai Naga encounter. If the star witness Sardar Gosal told Mr. Gurtej Singh that the Nihangs were killed after they surrendered. The court records says no such thing. If Sardar Gosal had told Mr. Gurtej Singh what the latter alleges then the District Magistrate is incriminating himself in the case and no IAS officer would ever dig his own grave.

Mr. Gurtej Singh is totally wrong and The Tribune to spite Sardar Mann is making such allegations totally on communal lines, as the election results of the Sangrur byelection indicate that the Shriomani Akali Dal (Amritsar) has broken the very backbone of Hindutva and the Panhtic agenda of the Akali’s is back to give hope, succour and strength to the shattered morale of the Sikh’s after Operation Bluestar of 1984.

Mr. Gurtej Singh then quoted by the Tribune states that “he had sent his so called write up to Mann and sought his clarification. Mann, the former officer said, did not respond and, instead blocked his email id”. This is the fiction of Mr. Gurtej Singh and The Tribune as Simranjit Singh Mānn is still in-conversant with handling IT and Social Platform.

Simranjit Singh Mānn did no shooting himself in the Sarai Naga encounter, as alleged by the Tribune. This is the falsehood of The Tribune. He did the crawling with his troops and knew that firing with his revolver would not be effective as shooting from a revolver is only effective at short range.

Then The Tribune states that Mr. Gurtej Singh denies that he was not the Deputy Home Secretary at the time of the Sarai Naga encounter. The Tribune says that Mr. Gurtej Singh says, instead he was posted to Faridkot a year after the incident. This again is a false cook up by the Tribune as these facts can be checked from the Punjab Government records. The Tribune states that a year after the encounter Mr. Gurtej Singh got posted to Faridkot. This means that the Tribune’s version is that Mr. Gurtej Singh was posted to Faridkot in 1980. Simranjit Singh Mānn was the SSP of Faridkot then and it is a fact that this again is a pigment of the Tribune’s imagination running wild to pin down Simranjit Singh Mānn in whatever manner it can achieve its aim of discrediting Simranjit Singh Mānn.

In other words The Tribune has always carried a bias against the Sikh’s and as Simranjit Singh Mānn fights for the very survival of Sikhism amidst the powerful and militarised Hindutva, the Tribune founded by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia who was converted to the Arya Samaj sect is hell bent to destroy Simranjit Singh Mānn and engage itself in yellow Journalism.

The fact remains that the writer Mr. Vishav Bharti concludes his write up by stating that Simranjit Singh Mann destroyed the Hindutva macho image of Hindutva by not praising the Hindutva idol Bhagat Singh.

We think the Sikh’s and Simranjit Singh Mann will have to live with the schism now prevalent in the Hindutva majoritarian country. The Sikh’s and Simranjit Singh Mann will survive nevertheless, and carry on the crusade against the Hindu Rashtra.

Facta non Verba.

Mutare Sperno.

From : Randeep Singh

Secretary to Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann,



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