The Tribune’s communal and vindictive attitude towards a Sikh who opposes Hindu Rashtra.

Letter to the Editor,

The Tribune,



Dear Sir,

This is regarding the report of Mr. Vishav Bharti about Simranjit Singh Mann and the Sarai Naga incident when Mr. Vishav Bharti the reporter writes he could not get in touch with Simranjit Singh Mann, where as he got in touch with Simranjit Singh Mann when he reported on Sardar Aroor Singh, his Grandfather about giving General Dyer a Saropa or scarf.

Then similarly he could have got in touch with Sardar Mann before letting loose a pack of lies against him. We think it is unprofessional for Mr. Bharti not to get in touch with Sardar Mann before sending in his despatch and The Tribune printing it.

We can say no more but only state it is unethical. For the last 18 years your newspaper has not printed any statement of Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann and now in a sudden burst, negative news is being printed in The Tribune, indicates the Arya Smajhi and Hindutva influence prevails in The Tribune against a popularly elected Sikh Member of Parliament.

Yours faithfully,

Randeep Singh Sandhu.

Secretary to Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann.

Member Parliament.

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