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Why Have Sikhs come from abroad to Canvass For the Congress Party and Especially me?Simranjit Singh Mann The Times of India Dated 02 May 2019

Why Have Sikhs come from abroad to Canvass For the Congress Party and Especially me?Simranjit Singh Mann
The Times of India Dated 02 May 2019

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:
Shromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that it is unfortunate and dismaying for us Sikhs living in the Punjab and perhaps some who live abroad that Sikhs from Britain, Europe, Canada and USA should make long journeys and spend tons of money to canvass support for the Congress Party, here in the Punjab.
In 1947 and before that the Congress Party under Nehru and Gandhi made solemn promises to the Sikh peoples that after the British left India, the new state of India would give them a Homeland where they could feel the glow of freedom. Before 1947 during the period Wavell was the Viceroy of India, the British representatives met secretly with Jinnah and Gandhi. They agreed that the Punjab and Bengal would be partitioned. This is how the British and Hindus led by Gandhi deceived the Sikh leadership which was never informed that their historic Homeland would be split in two and that the Sikhs from West Punjab would be ethnically cleansed. This is the betrayal of the Sikhs by the Congress Party. The subsequent partition of the Punjab was done by the Radcliffe Commission. Even this commission did not take the Sikh leadership into confidence, whereby the rich properties of Sikhs and holy Sikh shrines were left in Pakistan.
In the Constitution of 1950 the Congress Party again betrayed the Sikhs and reneged from its promises made to them before 1947. As a result the two Sikh members to the constituent assembly that framed the Constitution did not put their respective signatures to this paper, which means that the Sikhs have not accepted the Indian Constitution of 1950. These two Sikhs who kept their faith with the Sikhs were Bhupinder Singh Mann and Hukam Singh.
After 1947 the Sikhs declared that they would have a Punjabi speaking Suba or province. Marching towards this ends Nehru and Partap Singh Kairon sent 60,000 Sikh prisioners to jail. Partap Singh Kairon was a toady of the Hindu leaders in Delhi. Subsequent Sikh Chief Ministers have followed him into being the most loyal and trusted servants of the rulers in Delhi.
During World War II when Nazi Germany committed the genocide of 6 million Jews, their religious mates who collaborated with the Nazis come to be called-Judanrats or Sonderkommandos. The history of collaborating Sikhs with a Hindu State and the Congress Party may be known by the same nomenclature. The Sikhs who have come from abroad to help the Congress Party in the present elections to parliament are nothing short of these Judanrats.
These Sikh collaboraters or Judanrats must know that the Congress Party they have come to help is responsible for Operation Bluestar of 1984 when the Hindu Indian states army with the help of Soviet and British troops stormed the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple), massacred 26000 Sikh pilgrims, looted the Toshakhana and the Sikh Refrence Library and brought down the Akal Takhat Sahib and assassinated the new Sikh leadership under Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwala who was martyred and immortalised.
Later that year in 1984 the Congress Party under Rajiv Gandhi as Premier committed the genocide of the Sikh peoples and race. Since then the Hindu State has published the Black Lists of Sikhs and today the Hindu media refers to Sikhs as terrorists, extremists, radicals and hardliners.
Our Party is of the opinion that these Sikhs who have come from abroad to help the Congress Party, especially in the Sangrur constituency where I am a canditate fighting to represent the Sikh Nation, it is rather in bad state that the Sikhs should come all the way from distant lands to cast votes in favour of the Congress Party, which I am opposing with all the little strength I have. I think this is unfair.

Simranjit Singh Mann,
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