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Why are Hindus afraid of Khalistan? Let us part in peace. All communities will be equal citizens in the new Sikh State. – Simranjit Singh Mānn The Indian Express dated 8th June, 2020.

Why are Hindus afraid of Khalistan? Let us part in peace. All communities will be equal citizens in the new Sikh State. – Simranjit Singh Mānn

The Indian Express dated 8th June, 2020.

       Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that we do not understand why the Hindus should be afraid of an independent state of Khalistan. It has been a demand ever since Guru Nanak Sahib ordained that Sikhs are neither Hindus nor Muslims. Guru Hargobind Sahib erected the Akal Takhat Sahib, the throne of temporal and spiritual power. He gave the Sikhs all the symbols of a ruling power, that being carrying the sword, the horse to ride upon, the hawk for a hunt and the plumes to signify that the Sikhs are nothing but equal to the Moghal rulers of the time.
         In history the Sikhs have ruled under Baba Banda Singh Bhadar, Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Sardar Baghel Singh. The era of the Sikh Misls was a suo generis sovereign rule. Thereafter, the Sikhs have always strived for a sovereign state of their own, though in 1947 Premier Attlee of Britain did not see his constitutional history of the Anglo Sikh Treaty of 1849 which decreed that the sovereignty of the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire 1799 – 1849) would be restored after Maharaja Dilip Singh came of age. By deceit the British kidnapped the Maharaja and spirited him away to England.
          Therefore, if the Sikh sovereignty lay in suspension, it was right that it be restored in 1947 when the British gave away their Indian Empire to the Muslims under Jinnah and the Hindus under Gandhi and Nehru. Britain has been the oldest democracy till the present day. Premier Attlee also did not see that a democratically elected Sikh Parliament, the Shriomani Gurudwara Parbhandk Committee passed a unanimous resolution for an independent and sovereign Sikh State of Khalistan in 1946. The Hindus and the Muslims who had no democratic Parliament were given their independent states after the breakup of the British Indian Empire. This is an anomaly, which needs correction and the Sikh legitimate, historic and constitutional right for a Sikh sovereign state needs to be conceded.
          Before 1947 the Hindu leadership had made serious and unbreakable promises to the Sikhs from which they reneged. The Constituent Assembly that drafted the 1950 Constitution had two Sikh representatives on it, Sardar Bhupinder Singh Mann and Sardar Hukam Singh, when they saw the majoritarian Hindus had gone back on their promises made to the Sikhs prior to 1947, they as Sikh representatives did not put their respective signatures to the Constitution of 1950. Therefore, the Sikhs are in no way responsible for the way the Hindus have run this country. To make matters worse for the Sikhs, the Constitutions article 25 states that the Sikhs are a part of the Hindu religion. If all these years the Hindus have not taken the Sikhs along with them why should they want the Sikhs to go along with them? If the Sikhs go along with the Hindus they seize to be a separate and independent faith and religion of their own.
          In 1947 Gandhi, Nehru and Patel conspired with Premier Attlee and Muslim leader Jannha to cut the Sikh Homeland of the Punjab in half and without informing the Sikh leadership the Radcliffe Line was drawn, whereby the Sikhs suffered the most as they lost their farmlands and trade and vast properties, their political capital Lahore besides their most revered holy shrines. With this Line that separated the Punjab state, the Sikhs were ethnically cleansed from West Punjab.
        It is not our point to state that the Hindus and Muslims did not suffer. But the difference is that the Muslims who were ethnically cleansed went on to settle in their new National state Islamic Pakistan where they could breathe in ease with their distinct language, religion and culture. The Hindus that fled the new Islamic state came to their Hindu Indian state where they found their distinct national state, their language Hindi and Sanskrit, their culture, their own crafted constitution and their distinct flag.
      But the Sikhs, who came from Islamic Pakistan and those in East Punjab, did not find their distinct nationalism, their constitutional aspirations, their Punjabi language or culture or their school of art and architecture. Their capital city Lahore which they had left behind was lost and what the Hindu gave them instead – Chandigarh, that was taken away again. In 1966, whatever remained of the Sikh Homeland was again bifurcated and huge tracts of their territory and river system were given away to Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. It was expected that the Punjabi speaking areas in Rajasthan would be amalgamated with the Punjab, but that again did not come about.
         In 1984 the Hindu Indian State perpetrated the worst holocaust on the Sikhs when three nuclear armed armies of Britain, Soviet Union and the Hindu States own attacked the stateless Sikhs with heavy artillery, tanks, mortars, Special Forces, helicopter gunships.
That evil day on 6th June 1984 these forces brought the holy Akal Takhat Sahib to the ground, occupied 36 other Sikh shrines and massacred 26,000 Sikh pilgrims amongst who were women, children and the elderly.
        These armies plundered the Tosha Khana (treasury) of the Darbar Sahib, carried away the Sikh Reference Library as war trophies. That day the Hindu State committed the memoricide, vandalism, genocide and war crimes, all with impunity to this day.
That very year in 1984 late Premier Rajiv Gandhi committed the genocide of the Sikh peoples all over the country, again with impunity.
       These crimes of heinous barbarism have all escaped the notice of the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, National Human Rights Commission and the UN Human Rights Commission as the Sikhs remain stateless and thus they cannot approach the United Nations. The late Eleonor Roosevelt who took great pains to found the UN Human Rights Commission, if alive today would have expressed deep pain for the way the UN has treated the Sikh peoples.
        Many reasons are being given by some Hindus for not letting the Sikhs have their separate nation. One is that the Hindus from the Punjab would be ejected. But if we see Sikh history, Sikhs have had very harmonious relations with other communities. It must not be forgotten that the British, Hindus and Muslims were responsible for the ethnic cleansing of 1947. Again in 1984 it was the majoritaian Hindu State that committed the sacrilege, vandalism and destruction of the Darbar Sahib complex, besides assassinating the young political leadership of the Sikhs and the massacre of 26,000 Sikh pilgrims who had visited the Darbar Sahib on 6th June,1984.
         Again that year it was late Premier Rajiv Gandhi who committed the genocide of the Sikhs all over the country. Let us not delve into history to quote instances of the bloodshed the Hindu state has committed. Just look at 23rd and 24th of February 2020 when American President Donald Trump was in Delhi and it was the Union Home Minister Amit Shah and his coterie that ordered the riots in Delhi in which the Delhi police helped the Hindu mobs in killing and looting the Muslims. This very Government of the BJP – RSS led by Premier Nerandra Modi has detained 19,60000 Muslims in camps in Assam, much like what Nazi Germany did in World War II to the Jews in Concentration camps. What about the daily toll of Kashmiri Muslims being killed by the armed forces? What about the Adivasis or Aborigines of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Bengal who have been set upon by the paramilitary forces and the Air Force. All these are present day atrocities being perpetrated by THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State).

        The Sikhs do not figure in all these war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The next point of the Hindus is that Sikh places of worship would be left in Hindu India. Had Gandhi, Nehru and Patel exercised their good offices with Premier Attlee of Britain, Sikh places of worship would not have been left in Islamic Pakistan.
Christians, Jews and Muslims worship in Jerusalem, but none are masters of this holy place. Hindus go to Mannsrover in China for worshipping their Gods, where, otherwise Hindus and Chinese today are at daggers drawn.
       The independent sovereign Sikh State would be a buffer between three nuclear armed states – Islamic Pakistan, Hindu India and Communist China. With this buffer Sikh State peace and tranquility would be assured for all times to come. The Sikh State as we have said, as a principle and an example in history will never think of committing the ethnic cleansing or genocide of any race or community. There is no reason for any Hindu scholar to raise the red flag about the well being and security of any other community or race living in Khalistan.

Sarbat Da Bhala

Simranjit Singh Mānn
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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