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Tsar of Jammu & Kashmir and the baron of the press thus speaks and advocates-

The Tribune 22nd January 2018

Tsar of Jammu & Kashmir and the baron of the press thus speaks and advocates-

“Need for National Security Policy”: Vohra

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that Mr. N N Vohra is the Great Tsar of Jammu & Kashmir and the baron of The Tribune. Recently in a bloodless coup he overthrew Chief Justice SS Sodhi, the Chairman of The Tribune trust and now like the Media Mogul Keith Rupert Murdoch, has seized the Chairmanship of The Tribune and made additions to his power structure and fiefdom.

We have never heard of the press and the state being in one hand and under one authority. It happens in authoritarian states only. As such with the coup of Mr. Vohra, The Tribune has become an organ of the state, which the BJP-RSS now claims is a Hindu Rashtra.

It is for this reason that a newcomer to our region the Hindustan Times has overthrown The Tribune in its popular circulation and now states that it is number one in the Punjab and our regions popularity. It claims the highest circulation amongst English printed newspapers.

Now Mr. Vohra is advocating a National Security Policy which will cut into the powers of the state and make the Union a Leviathan. He goes on to suggest having “ upon the need for comprehensive laws with pan-India jurisdictions to deal with terrorism, cyber crimes and economic offences and to tackle growing criminality by organised crime, drug trafficking and mafia groups many of which have close connection with terrorist organisation”.

In his charges against all the nefarious dregs of society Mr. Vohra forgets that these groups don’t necessarily have a liaison with such scallywags alone but with politicos, bureaucrats, police, military and judiciary and centres of power that don’t allow an independent probe into the killings of 43 innocent Sikh’s by the army in village Chittisinghpura of Kashmir in 2000 and crimes of genocide perpetrated on Sikh’s in 1984 which were genocidal in nature, the massacre of innocent Muslim’s and rapes of their womenfolk in Gujarat in 2002 when Mr. Narinder Modi was the Chief Minister or during his Chief Ministerial tenure in 2013 Mr. Modi also had 60,000 Sikh farmers declared landless and property less, when he confiscated their legitimately  held landholdings. In 1992 THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) vandalised the Islamic ancient Babari Masjid which the fanatic BJP-RSS cardres reduced to rubble. Again this horrendous crime was perpetrated in collusion with the Congress party when they had a Premier in power in Delhi Narsimha Rao. Our friend S Manmohan Singh who was later to become the Premier was Narsimha Rao’s Finance Minister. The number two in the  Union Cabinet then.

One will find that after 1947 all beastly crimes committed on the minorities will have the culpability of the BJP-RSS and the Congress party. Their hands are imbrued with the blood of the minorities.

In 1984 Indira Gandhi’s Congress Party in conjunction with the BJP-RSS ordered a military operation code named Bluestar and with military assistance of Soviet Union and Great Britain demolished the holy edifices of the Sikh’s. During Operation Bluestar the army stole the Sikh Reference Library and plundered the Toshakhana (Treasury) of the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at Amritsar. In all this carnage of the state 26,000 innocent pilgrims- women, children and the elderly were massacred. All this with impunity.

THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) apart from a bias against the Sikh’s and Muslim’s has also destroyed Christian Churches, has had Christian nuns raped and their Padres killed along with their young children. A Christian missionary from Australia, along with his young children were burnt alive in Orissa by BJP-RSS rogues. Tribals are being forced to claim Hinduism as their religion, though they are rejecting it but the Hindu media, print and electronic in the hands and control of the bigoted Hindu state refuses to acknowledge it.

Recounting the horrors of the Indian state we could recommend a legal body with pan Indian jurisdiction to probe the reasons for terrorism and haul up the bandicoots who have perpetrated these beastly acts of genocide of minority races living in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State). And lastly we may state that it is Governor Vohra who has not had the massacre of 43 innocent Sikh’s by the army probed by the CBI or another independent investigating agency.

This is the quid pro quo to the suggestions made by Mr. Vohra.

In the end it is said that a thief is needed to catch a thief. It is thus we recommend a counter agency to check and take action to the proposed pan Indian laws that the Tsar of Jammu & Kashmir and the press baron proposes.

Simranjit Singh Mann (

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