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Hindu states Cartographic War- Simranjit Singh Mann.

Hindu states Cartographic War –  Simranjit Singh Mann.

 The Tribune dated 08th November 2019

 Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that from the beginning of its birth in 1947 THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) has kept an eye on its neighboring countries territory. In 1948 it went into a war with Islamic Pakistan over Kashmir. In 1948 the UN Security Council passed a resolution for a plebiscite in Kashmir. The Hindu Indian state has not implemented this resolution, as a result of it we have been on the brink of a nuclear war. Such a war will totally annihilate the Sikh and Punjabi civilization. If the UN Security Council does not carry out its resolution it will soon be reduced to the historic League of Nations. Now a fossil.

  THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) has also occupied Portuguese Goa, taken the Principality of Hyderabad and Sikkim by physical force.

 Thereafter it has consistently waged a cartographic war with its neighbour’s like Bangladesh, Islamic Pakistan and Communist China and now it is the turn of a land locked country like Nepal.

  Earlier under the Premiership of Rajiv Gandhi and presently under Narinder Modi this country has carried out an inhuman blockade of Nepal, which depends on its imports and exports on THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State).

  Our party has always suggested that the neutrality of Nepal should be declared by the United Nation’s. In future if THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) blockades Nepal the UN should meet this affront by an UN armed force.

  THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) has consistently been gobbling up territories   of its sovereign neighbours and the modus operandi has been by begging a cartographic war. However in 1962 Communist China took away 39,000 sq kms of Ladakh which was added to the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire) in 1834. The fact is that THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) follows the policy of the bicycle, which means that when a cyclist is paddling uphill the cyclist bends forward to apply its full force, on the other hand when the cyclist is cycling downhill the cyclist keeps his body straight and upright. This would mean that THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) genuflects before Communist China and kicks its weaker neighbour’s.

 Currently the Hindu Indian state is watching the soon to come election’s in Sri Lanka and spending billions of US dollars to ensure that their handpicked leader triumphs and nullifies all Chinese investments. Therefore, our party seeks international observers to ensure that THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) does not rig the Lankan election’s as it did its own for the parliament in 19 May 2019 by hacking the EVM counting machines.


Simranjit Singh Mann,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),



facebook page: sardarsimranjitsinghmann


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