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The treacherous Parkash Singh Badal-Simranjit Singh Mann

The treacherous Parkash Singh Badal-Simranjit Singh Mann

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that Parkash Singh Badal has all his life bluffed the people, especially the Hindu Indian state that he stands by through thick and thin. He along with Longowal, Tohra, Talwandi, Balwant Singh Minister, Ramuwalia, Barnala, Chandumajra, Ravi Inder Singh and a large chunk of the traditional Akali Dal fell in line with Indira Gandhi’s and the BJP-RSS’s decision to attack the holiest Sikh shrine the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple at Amritsar) with her military force in conjunction with British and Soviet forces in an ingress codenamed Operation Bluestar of 1984. It will remain a enigma to strategists and military wizards how Indira Gandhi roped in the British and Soviet forces to attack the stateless Sikhs, though in those early years of the 1980’s the West and the Soviets were daggers drawn and almost came to exchange nuclear blows?

Parkash Singh Badal has perfected his personality in running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. In the picture above Badal condemns Kamal Nath who has recently been appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath is one of the main genocidaires of the Sikhs, who were massacred in their thousands in 1984, when Premier Rajiv Gandhi ordered the genocide.

But see the treachery of Parkash Singh Badal in the picture we publish below where Parkash Singh Badal as Chief Minister of the Punjab is offering a bouquet to the same Kamal Nath whom he now asks Sonia Gandhi to have him resign from the office of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, where he was recently installed by the Congress party.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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