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The Hindu Indian state should stop exercising its hegemony on its neighbours and its minorities living on its periphery- Simranjit Singh mann.

The Hindu Indian state should stop exercising its hegemony on its neighbours and its minorities living on its periphery- Simranjit Singh mann. 

The Tribune dated 25th November 2019

Comments of Simranjit Singh Mann:- Shiromani Akali Dal(Amritsar) states that The Tribune and the author are extreme right wing Hindutva writers and publishers. They write with a Hindu bias. The new President of Sri Lanka Mr. Gotbaya has merely said that in his foreign policy his country would follow the middle path. We find nothing wrong in this. 

If the U.S and the Hindu Indian state want to follow the Indo-Pacific strategy against China, then we as Sikhs would certainly feel threatened, as the Sikh Homeland whose territories- Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh, Rajasthan and Kutch are boxed between three nuclear armed states-Islamic Pakistan, Hindu India and Communist China, would definitely not want our Homeland to become the future nuclear battlefield, which if it becomes between these inimical states, the Sikh and Punjabi civilization would be totally annihilated. We certainly would not want to dig our own grave by supporting the Indo- Pacific strategy. This is not to say that we oppose American foreign policy in general. 

As far as Nepal is concerned the Hindu Indian state has barricaded its borders twice, once by late Premier Rajiv Gandhi and later by Premier Narinder Modi. These were murderous steps as Nepal is a land locked country and has access to the Sea through Hindu India. Nepal now wants to stand on its own feet and has opened out to China, as a necessity. Similarly Bangladesh, which came into being by the Hindu states armed intervention is now feeling the heat as nineteen and a half lakh of its Bengali Muslim population has been incarcerated in camps in Assam and made stateless on the ground that these are all Muslims. Therefore, where was the necessity of Indra Gandhi and her then admirers Vajyappe and L K Advani boasting that they had won a glorious victory over Islamic Pakistan? This was not a statesman like adventure. Presently if the Hindu state frets over a Chinese naval base in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh too has a similar Chinese base. 

We don’t know or understand why the Belt and Road Initiative is bad for our neighbours as the Sikhs would too like to join this initiative as our trade would open up to the Middle East, erstwhile Russian Asian Republics, Russia and China. There is no reason for the Hindu to scoff at this. The Sikh economic situation has deteriorated to the extent that our farmers and farm hands are committing suicides by the hundreds and more. 

Now we come to the Tamil LTTE problem in Sri Lanka. It is true that the Rajapaksas took a hard stand against the Tamil cry for a separate Homeland and they committed horrendous crimes against the minority Tamils. But who helped the Rajapaksa Government in committing these excesses? We must recall that the Sonia Gandhis Congress Government held the levers of power of the Union Government in Delhi from 2004 to 2014.The Congress Government was enraged with the Tamils executing their leader Rajiv Gandhi. It wanted revenge and who else could serve the purpose for this but the Rajapaksas of Lanka. We know that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. That’s what happened in putting down the Tamil revolt in Sri Lanka. The Union Congress Government bought out the Tamil leadership in Tamilnadu. Their representatives in the Union Government were given a free hand to loot the treasury, their chief in Madras the late Karunanidhi was given as much largesse as he asked for and currently P. Chitambaram who tailor had made his long pockets is in jail for deceiving his Tamil kinsmen. Karunanidhi is dead but his relatives in the Union cabinet then did no less in looting the poor countrys treasury. That’s how the Congress party sought its revenge, sided with the Rajapaksas, committed the genocide of the Lankan Tamils and vanquished their leadership and Prabhakaran who was the leader. Therefore, though the Rajapaksas have a lot to answer for, we must not forget the instigators and conspirators in these abominable war crimes, the Congress party and their chief, the lady Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. This is the true story of what took place in 

Sri Lanka. Let us stop beating about the bush and if the Americans are interested in looking for the culprits, they still thrive in Hindu India.The genocidaires of the Sikh peoples are also alive, thriving and kicking in this country. 

This riposte takes care of a another article in The Tribune entitled-Time to build bridges by G Parthasarthy dated 28th 

November 2019 whose text we give below: 


Simranjit Singh Mann, 

Camp York Cottage, 

Upper Bogrota, 

DalhousiePC- 176304. 


Dated- 30th November 2019. 


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