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The editorial in The Tribune and the article by Meroof Raza have been written callously without knowledge of the Aborigines of Central India. – Simranjit Singh Mānn

The editorial in The Tribune and the article by Meroof Raza have been written callously without knowledge of the Aborigines of Central India. – Simranjit Singh Mānn

The Tribune dated 07th April 2021

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that the loss of so many lives of security personnel is regrettable. They are not responsible for the cause of their respective deaths.
The fact is that these Adivasis or Tribal’s or Aborigines are the natural habitants of the Indian sub- continent. When the Aryans migrated into the Indian sub- continent they imposed the Laws of Manu, whereby the obnoxious inhuman laws they created the caste system. In this layered caste system these aborigines were forced into the fourth layer of this caste system, which labeled them as Shudras, an order which performed the lowest duty of scavenging the higher orders sweeping, carrying their night soil and other duties that are performed for cleanliness and hygiene.
The proud aborigines who did not want to be subjected to this cruel fate ordered by the Aryan Manu Laws escaped to the thick evergreen forests of Central India.
In these jungles these aborigines have been living since 2000 – 1500 BC. They have adapted their lives to the conditions of these evergreen forests.
However, with the founding of the Hindu Indian state in 1947, the rich and prosperous Hindu businessmen want to exploit the natural and mineral wealth of these jungles.
I have firsthand knowledge of the lives of these aborigines. As an IPS Officer posted in the Central Industrial Security Force, I had my unit guard the Bela Dela (Bailadila) iron ore mines in Bastar District. As such having the experience of serving in these areas I observed the lives and customs of these aborigines. They wear few clothes barely to cover their loins and the women wear no clothes to cover their chests. They feed on the evergreen wealth and animals and birds that dwell in these forests.
Since the rich Hindu businessmen want to exploit the timber, mineral and water resources, besides capturing their young maids to be sold in the red light areas of the various metropolis of the country, besides making them serve as house maids in their respective homes, where apart from the domestic work they are also used and exploited morally.
As these Hindu businessmen through their supported legislatures in the state Assembly and Parliament have a grip on the state and Union Government’s, these forests are now guarded by the Central Para-military forces. With the security of this force the forest minerals, timber, slave labour and women are being exploited.
The Union and state Governments look the other way to this inhuman exploitation. The authorities give the aborigines who protest the nomenclature of Naxalites and Maoists and as the phrase says – Give the dog a bad name and shoot him. This is exactly what the Hindu Indian state is doing to the aborigines.
I give the example of Maharaja Pravir Chandra Bhanj Dev of Bastar who was killed mercilessly by the state forces on 25th March, 1966 as he was championing the cause of his Tribal people. He fought back with spears, bow and arrows and matchlock gun against the state’s automatic carbines and machineguns.
No Hindu Indian state’s press or media wrote his obituary or elegy. That is not to say why The Tribune has written an editorial on the unfortunate death of CRPF personnel or Mr. Maroof Raza has written in this very newspaper to tell us how to deal with these aborigines by setting the NSG and Establishment 22 or the same Special Frontier Force on them to liquidate them. He has also advised that senior army Brigadiers and General’s be brought in with helicopter gunships to subdue these aborigines.
If the same army of which Mr. Raza is proud of could not stop the Communist Chinese from capturing 39,000 sq. Kms. of Ladakh territory in 1962 and presently more Ladakh territory since April 2020, we do not know how it will liquidate the aborigines fighting a moral struggle for their very lives and existence?
In Kashmir the same army has been fighting its own citizens for years with extra ordinary legal powers under the law – AFSPA (Armed forces special powers) which gives the power to the armed forces to kill, maim, torture, molest, rape, kidnap, abduct and detain a Kashmiri indefinitely, all with impunity. The Supreme Court has not declared this unconstitutional law ultra vires as it violates article 21 of this very Constitution.
Our Party is of the opinion that the editorial of The Tribune and the article in the same newspaper by Mr. Maroof Raza have been written without any knowledge of history and the current situation prevailing in the thick forests of Central India and the fate of its inhabitants. We must not kill a fly with a sledge hammer. Goliath was ultimately slain by David.
Facta non Verba.
Mutare Sperno.

Simranjit Singh Mānn,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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