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Supreme Court Judges have been blackmailed by the Union Government of Modi, made pliable to give decisions on the BJP-RSS manifesto favourably. Simranjit Singh Mann

Supreme Court Judges have been blackmailed by the Union Government of Modi, made pliable to give decisions on the BJP-RSS manifesto favourably. Simranjit Singh Mann

The Indian Express dated 22nd January 2020


Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that it is very difficult to judge the issue of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Mr. Gogoi and his alleged sexual conduct with his assistant whose picture we given below:

We do not understand when this lady has alleged sexual misconduct of the retired Chief Justice. Why legal action was not taken as per the law. Either a First Information Report should have been lodged in the concerned Police Station and the case investigated as per the Criminal Procedure Code, by a senior Police Officer or the Chief Justice should have been impeached. However, the whole murky incident was hushed by carrying out an In-House Committee of inquiry, comprising Justices S.A. Bobde, Indu Malhotra and Indira Banerjee. There is no such law to carry out an In-House Committee inquiry.

Today the most powerful President of the world Mr. Donald Trump is facing impeachment in the US Senate. Prior to this President Richard Nixon and President Bill Clinton also were impeached. If the most powerful President’s of the world can face an impeachment, so could former Chief Justice Gogoi have faced such an impeachment. If powerful Presidents of the USA who could call for an In-House Committee inquiry they could easily have done so. But that is not the law. That is why President Trump is in the dock.

We want to know if by carrying out an In-House Committee inquiry what was the decision of the three Hon’ble Judges, which the Supreme Court is shying away from giving us.

If the lady who reported sexual misconduct was dismissed or discharged was she given a show cause notice as to why action should not be taken against her? This is a simple legal requirement as per the Principles of Natural Law.

Now that she has been reinstated, her arrears in pay have been cleared, we want to know why her husband and her brother-in-law who were in the Delhi Police were suspended and now under what circumstances they have been reinstated. This was a witch hunt. All this is not according to the law or the Constitution. It is simply the law of the jungle and a witch hunt. Can we as democratic people believing in the rule of law and the Principles of Natural Justice tolerate such a system of Justice?  

Having gone through this report our party opines that the Union Government of Premier Narinder Modi used its intelligence agencies to plant a honey trap on the retired Chief Justice. The purpose was to defame him in the eyes of the public and to use him to carry out some of the major Manifesto promises of the BJP-RSS, that being the Babri Masjid issue and the last decision of his career former Chief Justice Gogoi gave was sanctifying the Hindu Temple at Ajodhya. A mumble jumble judgment. 

Having learnt a lesson of how the Modi Union Government can demean the Supreme Court Judges, now they are sitting on the Kashmir issue where the Constitutional Article 370 and 35A have arbitrarily been abrogated by the ruthless majority of the extremist and radicalised Hindu BJP-RSS party in Parliament.

Today’s newspapers (23rd January 2020) report that the un-constitutional laws promulgated by the BJP-RSS in Parliament like CAA, NPR and NRC will not be decided by the Supreme Court as per Article 21 of the Constitution which calls for a speedy trial and they have been posted for a hearing later than expected, meaning Justice delayed is Justice denied. Have the Judges been driven into a fright and it appears that the Modi Union Government once again has something in its lockers to blackmail them with?

In the Indira Gandhi era Judges of the Supreme Court were bypassed for promotion and junior Judges pliable to the core were made to rule the roost.

As we go along we will learn the new methods and ways of corruption and blackmail. We will justify these that they are straight from the books the ancients wrote in the times of the Vedas.


Simranjit Singh Mann,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),



facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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