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Statement of Simranjit Singh Mann President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar).


Statement of Simranjit Singh Mann President of  Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

                             Dated 14  November 2019.


We await a bloody revolution unless the extremist right wing Union BJP/RSS Government wakes up.


Sharomani  Akali  Dal Amritsar states that Stubble burning by farmers in The Punjab must be taken seriously, as it is not a law and ordered problem. Arresting farmers and criminalizing this issue will not stop farmers from burning the stubble. It is an economic problem which has turned into a political and radicalized fight, the  beginning  of a revolt against the state.

The farmers and farm labourers  are in heavy debt and are committing suicides by the thousands. As a simple protest by burning stubble they are drawing the attention of the Union and Punjab Governments about their plight. No political party not even the ruling BJP/RSS and the Congress parties are ready to condemn stubble burning and the Supreme Court in Delhi is also only paying lip service to this tragedy. The farmers need remunerative prices for their crops. But the Union Government gives $ one billion to the rich Russian state to improve its economy in East Russia. It is exactly like   the situation in 18th century France when the citizens were rioting for food and their Queen Marie Antoinette told her maids that if the rioters don’t have bread then why don’t they eat cakes?

The great revolutions in France, Russia and China started with the poor peasants and factory workers who did not have enough to feed and clothe themselves. If The Hindu Indian state wakes up from its Rip Van Winkle deep slumber, only then can this country survive without an armed revolution, which is already taking place in Orissa, Behar, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.

As we read the papers today, The Union Government wants the farmers to begin sowing other crops and not rice and wheat. However, some farmers have begun this rotation but the prices of Basmati rice and Cotton have fallen to a point where this price of both these commodities is unremunerative. Therefore, in our party’s mind the Union and Punjab Government’s do not have a clue about the misery of the rural sector and it appears that it is a mugs game asking these estranged Governments living in ivory towers about the conditions in the country side or the rural belt.


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