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Statement of Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune dated 25th May, 2019

Statement of Simranjit Singh Mann

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that after 1947 when the Hindu Indian state came into being the Communist Party and its subsequent breakup factions have supported the Hindutva cult. In 1943 the CPI, its Secretary Harkrishan Singh Surjit drafted the Khalistan resolution for the Communist party, which was ratified by the main party in Moscow.

But after 1947 all senior Communist leaders were hardheaded Hindu Brahamans. They did not support the nationalism of the Sikhs but in fact they opposed the Sikh movement for Khalistan in the 1980’s and 1990’s. in fact they joined forces with the Hindu state in Delhi in killing Sikh freedom fighters in fake extra judicial murders. In 1984 the Communists supported Operation Blue Star of 1984 and sought the help of the Soviet army in tandem with the armies of Hindu India and Britain to fight the stateless Sikhs with all the modern weaponry of the day. In fact the Soviet Defence Minister stayed in Delhi throughout Operation Blue Star to supervise the battle in the Golden Temple (Darbar Sahib) in which the three nuclear armies fought the stateless Sikhs. This trilateral nuclear force massacred 26,000/ Sikh pilgrims amongst whom were women, children and the elderly. These armies stole the Sikh Reference Library and treasured artifacts from the Darbar Sahib Tosha Khana (treasury). The Sikh history and memory were looted with impunity and these treasures were never returned to the Sikhs. In fact when the Soviet Defence Minister was in Delhi in those days the Communist party leaders had very dear and affectionate talks and social sittings with Marshal Feodorovich Ustinova Dmitri  .


We do not think the Communist party did the right thing with the Sikhs by collaborating with the Hindu Indian state and the Soviets to destroy the Sikhs holiest shrine and massacre thousands of Sikhs. Their blood letting history does not end with the Sikhs. The Communists aligned with the Hindu Indian state by eliminating their own Naxalite cadres in West Bengal in the 1970’s. The Hindu state came down with these revolutionary young Communists so hard that under the governorship of Sidarath Shankar Ray the Congress party Chief ton of West Bengal killed and murdered with such spite that the River Hoogly turned red with these revolutionaries blood. Thereafter the Communists ruled West Bengal for years and years, their strong hold only being broken by Mamta Bannerjee who now is the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

This is not all of their bloody fratricidal history, now in the present day when Premier Narinder Modi the rightwing Hindu state is fighting the Adavasis or Aborigines in the states of Chattishgarh and Maharastra the Hindu state has given these poor tribal’s the nomenclature of Naxalites in Maharastra and Maoists in Chattishgarh and killing them by their hundreds with its army and para military forces. The Communist party has never condemned these extra judicial murders of the state but sits back in its lounge chairs watching the elimination of young and poor tribal cadres.

We do not think that these were ever Communists of the true blood but the Hindu Congress party had infiltrated its High Command and steered their policies which were totally opposite the ideology of Karl Marx and Lenin. So now they have dug their own grave and squandered Marxism and Maoism and now they are the incarnation of BJP-RSS radicalised Hinduism and fit into the new found Hindu Rashtra.


Simranjit Singh Mann,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),


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