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Shriomani Akali Dal (Amritsar) asks these Commanders why the armed forces do not come out of their respective cantonments when the Union Governments of the day resort to state terrorism against the minorities, schedule castes and Adivasis or Tribal’s? – Simranjit Singh Mānn

Shriomani Akali Dal (Amritsar) asks these Commanders why the armed forces do not come out of their respective cantonments when the Union Governments of the day resort to state terrorism against the minorities, schedule castes and Adivasis or Tribal’s? – Simranjit Singh Mānn

The Tribune Dated 26 October, 2020

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that our Party is of the opinion that the military, its Army, Navy and Air Force have become the poodles of the Hindutva state and Union Government.
In this context, we say that the Hindu Indian state, whether it be the Congress party or BJP – RSS Union Governments, both have in the past been engineering bloody plots against the minorities, schedule castes and Adivasis or Tribal’s.
On this subject we speak with authority when we state that in 1947 when the Sikh Homeland of the Punjab was partitioned by British colonial Government, Gandhi, Nehru and Patel did not exercise their authority in saving Punjab and the Sikh areas from being partitioned by the drawing of the Radcliffe Line, of which the Hindu leaders were aware of but did not put their weight behind saving the Sikh areas. Even the late Radcliffe states that he was told by Mountbatten that the Sikh leaders were not to be told about the Line he was drawing. It is a fact that Lahore would have come into East Punjab but Nehru bargained for Kashmir and gave up Lahore. The district of Gurdaspur was to go to Islamic Pakistan, but Nehru kept Gurdaspur as it was the gateway to his beloved Kashmir. In a nutshell we wish to state that the Hindu majoritarian state sacrifices the National interests of the Sikh’s when it wants to keep the Hindu interests paramount.
In 1984, the Congress party led by Premier Indira Gandhi in tandem with BJP – RSS leaders AB Vajpayee and LK Advani, along with the Hindu Press invited the British and Soviet Russian armies along with its own to attack the stateless Sikh’s, in an ingress into the holiest Sikh Shrine the Darbar Sahib(The Golden Temple, Amritsar) code named Operation Bluestar.
In this murderous misadventure the three armies massacred 25,000 innocent Sikh Pilgrims, amongst who were women, children and the elderly. If this was not enough the barbarians looted and plundered the Darbar Sahib(The Golden Temple, Amritsar) Toshakhana or treasury and the Sikh Reference Library and carried away the spoils as war trophies to adorn their officers messes.
Coming to the point we want the military commanders meeting that these plundered treasures be returned to the SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) if the Commanders value Sikh support.
The armed forces of a country are meant to protect its citizens from foreign ingresses. But in 1984 the armed services remained in their respective cantonments when the Government of Rajiv Gandhi ordered his party men and the Delhi Police to attack, loot, plunder and rape Sikh’s. Even Sikh personnel of the armed forces met the same fate while they were traveling. The great Marxist leader Harkishen Singh Surjeet had to seek shelter in a police station stating he was a communist and not a Sikh. The great writer Khuswant Singh who extolled the greatness of the Hindu state surreptitiously stole himself into the Swedish Embassy in Delhi.
Similarly this year on the visit of American President Donald Trump to Delhi, as per the Delhi minority Commission, the senior BJP – RSS leaders and Union Home Minister unleashed the terror of the bigoted RSS extremist carders on the hapless Muslim population. Again as per the precedent of 1984 when these scalawags were let loose on the Sikh’s, these very beastly armed men in Khaki uniforms the Police led the BJP – RSS ruffians to Muslim colonies and as before, the Muslims were looted, killed and their women folk raped.
We want to know when the Union or state Governments resort to state terrorism why the armed forces do not leave their barracks and save the populous from murder, rape and plunder. Will these brave Commanders take a decision that they will in future step out of their cantonment when the Government of the day orders state terror to be perpetrated against the minorities, schedule castes and Adivasis or Tribal’s.
Our Party also wants to know why cold weather jackets and uniforms for the soldiers posted at higher altitudes are being imported now, when the Hindu state and the military had experienced the same scarcity in the 1962 Operation against Communist China, when soldiers were fighting at heights above 16,000 ft. above sea level in their summer uniforms. We would also want to know why the BJP – RSS Union Government has placed an order for 72,400 Rifles from an US firm – SiG Saure. Where was all this planning? Why does the Air Force lack the desired squadrons of fighter jets? What were the military and civil planners doing all this while, when even our Party feared Communist Chinese PLA attack in the North.
The assembled Commanders must also tell us how the navies of the US, Japan and Australia will save the Hindu Indian state by holding naval exercises in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. We, our Party apprehends that these three military powers want to show their might and strength by keeping, we do not know who, the enemy, away from their respective shores. One of them has the Monroe Doctrine and the others want the Hindu state to be a target of this, we believe, the unknown enemy.
Like the armed forces the Supreme Court which is the custodian and guardian of the Constitution does not use its Constitutional authority to put a stop to Union Governments state terrorism. After all the Sikh’s were subjected to the crime of genocide in 1984, right in the front of the Supreme Court. It also kept a silence when Muslims in Delhi were subjected to massacres during the visit of President Donald Trump this year- 2020.
These are pertinent questions and they deserve an answer.

Facta non Verba.

Simranjit Singh Mānn,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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