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Read Simranjit Singh Mann’s comments below:

The Tribune Dated 11th October 2019

Read Simranjit Singh Mann’s comments below:

Muslims in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) totally demoralised, but ironic, they are at war with one another in Northern Syria.
Enemies strikes when victim’s morale is at the lowest ebb. Simranjit Singh Mann.

The Muslims, who constitute the biggest minority in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) are today a totally demoralized and a frightened people. In Kashmir the armed forces, their brutality has forced them not to come out of their homes, the children don’t go to schools and the only gatherings of Muslims is to be seen around hospital’s, where medicine’s have run out and the patient’s lie without medical aid.

Since there has been a lockdown in Kashmir since 5th August 2019 the daily wage earners find no job’s and they are at the point of starvation as they have no money to buy food or medicine’s.

Our party Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) which wants to help the suffering is not allowed to enter Kashmir and the last time when we made an attempt we were turned back to the Punjab at the point of the gun. Nevertheless, we have filed a writ petition in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, claiming our right under article 19 and 14 and 21 of the constitution, asking why we were denied our constitutional right to travel to Kashmir and look into the sufferings of the people.

Another point that alarms our party is that mosques have been publicly shutdown by the armed forces and the Muslims are denied their religious freedom. The main mosque Hazrat Bal is also kept shut.

In circumstances or shortages of food for the poor, the Mullahs of the mosques use to distribute food from the stocks in the mosques. But that too has stopped. People are on the edge and starvation deaths may follow.

The worst is the Shia Muslims were not allowed to take out their customary Tazia processions.

Kashmir was famous for its cottage industries and handicrafts, cricket bats and hand woven carpets that matched the quality of Persian carpets, all this is gone and ruined as the Hindu Indian state has turned itself into a fanatic theocratic state.

As we see from the news print above, Muslim Generals who have served in the armed forces and other Muslim intellectuals are now prepared to give away precious Babri Musjid lands to the majority die-hard Hindu’s, to buy peace. The Islamic countries have sealed their lips and value trade and money with Premier Modi, more than the fate of their kinsman in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State).

The Sikh’s have often faced the same fate as the Muslims face today but the difference is we have never accepted slavery and a second degree status and fought on regardless of the consequences of which we are still unafraid of, keeping up our spirits and fighting on, defying brutal authority and the dictatorial Hindu fanaticism. We hope all the down trodden classes in the Hindu state will follow our example, stand up and defy a dictatorial order imposed on us by the majority Hindus.

In the end, we appeal to the United Nations and the International Society of the Red Cross to rush food and medical aid to the oppressed Kashmiri people’s.

Facta non Verba.

Simranjit Singh Mann,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),

Facebook page- @sardarsimranjitsinghmann,

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