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Now read the letter to the editor of The Tribune by Simranjit Singh Mann on this very subject. See below:

The Tribune Dated 16 July, 2019

Now read the letter to the editor of The Tribune by Simranjit Singh Mann on this very subject. See below:
From: Simranjit Singh Mann,
Shirmoni Akali Dal(Amritsar),
Camp- York Cottage,
Upper Bagrota,
Dalhousie, Pin code- 176304.

To: The Editor,
The Tribune, Chandigarh.
Fateh, Please refer to your article captioned- “The lead- up to the Radcliffe award” by Rk Kaushik published in your esteemed newspaper The Tribune dated 16-July-2019.

In this respect my party and i wish to state that this article has been written well but has a flaw because of the writer’s Hindu nationality. He has not done a detailed research before setting about publishing this article in The Tribune. The fact is that KVK Sundaram’s father-in-law was Sardar Umrao Singh and not Sardar Harbans Singh.

Sardar Umrao Singh married a Hungarian lady. By her he had two daughters, the elder one was Indoo Kaur who went on to marry Sundaram. The younger one was the famous Amrita Kaur Shergill, who is a renowned artist of International fame. Sundaram and Indoo Kaur had a son whose short name is Vivan Sundaram. Vivan Sundaram has written a brilliant biography of Amrita Kaur Shergill. Your newspaper has not reviewed or mentioned this book in your Sunday column.

It is correct that Christopher Beaumont ICS was appointed the head of the Radcliffe Commission. But the author has not mentioned the name of another ICS officer of the Punjab cadre, that being a Sikh Sardar Nawab Singh who was also a senior officer of this Commission. Sardar Nawaab Singh later went on to become the Chief Secretary of the Punjab and then the Union Secretary in the Union government in Delhi.
It is correct that Muslim majority districts of the Punjab should have gone to Pakistan as per the brief of the Commission, which was not shown to the Sikh leadership. These areas are correctly mentioned by the author, they being Ferozpur and Zira in Ferozpur district, Nikodar and Jalandhar in Jalandhar district, Ajnala in Amritsar district and Gurdaspur and Batala in Gurdaspur district.
These areas were to go to Pakistan. But Nehru had a deep relationship with Mountbatten’s wife Lady Edwina Mountbatten. Through this relationship Nehru forced the British Indian Government to let the district of Gurdaspur remain in the future Hindu India, as this land mass connected Nehru’s Kashmir to the future Hindu state. As Premier Narinder Modi said recently Kartarpur should have been kept with Hindu India as it was a part of Gurdaspur’s Shakargarh’s tehsil which was given to Pakistan. The other fact is that Nehru kept Ferozpur and Zira with the Hindu State as it had the Headworks of Hussainiwala on the confluence of rivers Sutlej and Beas. From these Headworks water flowed into the parched areas of Rajasthan’s Ganganagar district and beyond. Rajastan was a populous Hindu province that would remain in Hindu India. Nehru always like Gandhi and Patel kept the interests of the Hindu’s uppermost in their respective minds. That’s how Ferozpur and Gurdaspur stayed with the Hindu Indian state.
Lahore had been the political capital of the Sikh empire and the Sikh’s wanted to retain their historic legacy, but again this was given away to Pakistan to retain Kashmir. Most of the Sikh holy lands were also given away to Pakistan by Nehru and Gandhi.
In 1945 Lord Wavell was the Viceroy. A meeting of Jinnah, Gandhi and the British Indian Government took place in secrecy then in which Gandhi and Jinnah agreed to partition Punjab and Bengal. This decision was not disclosed to the Sikh leadership, who would naturally have not agreed to it. However, Gandhi and Nehru were clever manipulators, as Nehru promised the Sikh leadership that after the British left India, the Sikh’s would be given a separate Homeland where they would feel the glow of freedom. That never came to pass.

The British Government cheated the Sikh’s, as per the 1849 Anglo- Sikh treaty the sovereignty of the Lahore Darbar ( Sikh Empire ) was suspended but not abrogated.

After the Mutiny of 1857 the Mughal ( Muslim ), Sovereignty was abrogated. Therefore in legal parlance when Sikh sovereignty was suspended, it was legal, constitutional and moral for the British government, when it gave up its Indian Empire in 1947 to restore it. But strangely the British restored the sovereignty of the Muslims by handing them the state of Pakistan and the Hindu’s who had never been sovereign in their history, except for their mythical state of Ayodhya were given the large state of present day Hindu India. The Sikh’s who had a legitimate and historic claim to sovereignty were left high and dry. This has been a sore point with the Sikh’s to this day.

It is natural for the Hindu writer of this article Mr Rk Kaushik to conclude that “the credit for saving the precious Indian territory goes to Indian leaders” meaning Nehru and Gandhi. But on the other side speaking for the Sikh Nation we Sikh’s feel that we were cheated out of our legal, constitution and historic right in not getting a separate and independent sovereign state of our own. We were done in by the chicanery and deceit of the Hindu and British leaders. The intimate liaison that Nehru had with Lady Mountbatten was one of the main reasons. The other was the Sikh leadership at that period of time was naive and unlearned compared to Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi who were qualified lawyers having studied in England. They were aware of the zeitgeist. The words of the Duke of Windsor ( earlier King Edward V111 ) ring out solidly when he said “Mountbatten gave away our India and his wife to Nehru”.

When i studied his subject deeply i went to the youtube where the British lawyer Sir Cyril Radcliffe is seen and heard saying that in his brief from Mountbatten and his Home government in London he was strictly instructed to particularly refrain from letting the Sikh’s leadership to know about his mission, decision and report.

It is now for Sikh scholars to research further on this subject as it is embarrassing for us Sikh’s who would be celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Sahib this coming November, for Guru Nanak was one who walked and preached freely all over the Punjab and beyond but his 550th birth anniversary would be celebrated in two countries which are daggers drawn amongst themselves. The Sikh’s are a stateless people at this period of time though they have always been a sui generis sovereign nation throughout in their history.
Simranjit Singh Mann,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

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