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Lord Ram will never live in this man made Temple, built on the edifice of an Islamic Mosque. He lives in the heart of every true Hindu. Read what Rabindrnaath Tagore wrote.- Simranjit Singh Mann

Lord Ram will never live in this man made Temple, built on the edifice of an Islamic Mosque. He lives in the heart of every true Hindu. Read what Rabindrnaath Tagore wrote.- Simranjit Singh Mann

The Indian Express Dated 6th August, 2020

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that all people who are against a religious theocratic state like what THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) became yesterday at Ayodhya must realize that if the minorities, schedule castes, Adivasis or Tribal’s and ethnic groups do not come together, no matter what our religion, caste, colour or ethnicity, we are all in for a dousing and bitter days lie ahead.
The BJP – RSS led by Premier Nerandra Modi has already legislated the following laws which are against the people who are not high caste Hindu’s. These laws are CAA,NRC and NPR and they have already come into operation as 19,60,000 Muslims have been detained in Assam on the pretext that they have no proof of their Hindu Indian citizenship. A lot of Sikh’s like me were ethnically cleansed from West Punjab, now in Islamic Pakistan. What proof will we give to prove our citizenship? The only way which will be shown to us is the way the 19,60,000 Muslims are detained in Nazi German like Camps which will become Concentration
Do you see the picture of these fundamental, extremist Hindu’s in which Premier Modi is doing his Pooja. If you see the picture carefully and on the little stage is the sign of the Swastika. It is this very Swastika of Nazi Germany where during the Second World War Hitler and his Nazi party sent six million Jews to the Gas Chambers and another eleven million non Jews to the same fate. Now see the Nazi German Swastika and the right wing Hindu’s Swastika below:

The Ayodhya Temple inauguration ceremony at Ayodhya yesterday on 5th August, 2020, attracted people from all over the Indian sub-continent. Unfortunately we saw many Sikh’s in the crowds amongst whom Mr. Harnam Singh Dhumma of the Damdmi Taksal was very prominent. Mr. Sukhbir Singh of the Badal Dal and Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh of the Congress party had sent their good wishes. Mr. Iqbal Singh former Jathedar of Takht Patna Sahib was also present. And sundry Sikh’s of the Badal Dal, BJP – RSS, Aam Admi Party and Congress party were also seen in the crowds.
Now we ask these rudderless Sikh’s did the Congress party, BJP – RSS and others show their sympathies when these diehard parties sent the British, Soviet and the Hindu Indian forces into the Darbar Sahib(The Golden Temple, Amritsar) in an ingress code named Operation Bluestar of 1984? In fact when these barbaric forces entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Darbar Sahib(The Golden Temple, Amritsar), after Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale had sacrificed his life, these brutal forces had massacred 26,000 Sikh pilgrims, brought and ravaged the Sri Akal Takht to the ground, looted the Toshakhana( treasury of Darbar Sahib ) and plundered the Sikh Reference Library. That day these forces committed the unpardonable crimes of genocide, mamoricide, vandalism and ethnicity with impunity. When all this had been done and the Hindu Indian state had announced its so called victory against the stateless Sikh’s, thousands and thousands of majoritarians came out on the streets and offered sweets and liquor to these barbarians in uniform.
The Jews, who who like the present Sikh’s who have aligned themselves with the forces of Hindutva, they the Jew’s who aligned themselves with the Nazi Germans were called Judenrats and Senderkommando’s. Well those Sikh’s who were present in Ayodhya and sent their greetings to Premier Modi fall in the same league as the Judenrats and Senderkommando’s. It is a shame and like the Masands who with Baba Ram Rai presented themselves to the Court of Aurangzeb and misrepresented the Sikh scriptures, these Sikh’s who went to Ayodhya are nothing but the present day Masands. It must not be forgotten that these Masands and Baba Ram Rai were ex- communicated from the Sikh religion.

   We wish to put on record a sagacious account which I received from a close relative. It reads as if this a coincidence that exactly 120 years ago, on this very day, Rabindranath Tagore wrote a poem "Deeno Daan". It was about a temple. 

Here are the translations of some of the excerpts. Read it and get awestruck by the prophetic words:
“There is no god in that temple”, said the Saint.
The King was enraged;
“No God? Oh Saint, aren’t you speaking like an atheist?
On the throne studded with priceless gems, beams the golden idol,
And yet, you proclaim that’s empty?”

“It’s not empty; It’s rather full of the Royal pride.
You have bestowed yourself, oh King, not the God of this world”,
Remarked the saint. The King frowned, “2 million golden coins
Were showered on that grand structure that kisses the sky,
I offered it to the Gods after performing all the necessary rituals,
And you dare claim that in such a grand temple,
There is no presence of God”?

The Saint calmly replied, “in the very year in which, twenty million of your subjects were struck by a terrible drought;
The pauperized masses without any food or shelter,
came begging at your door crying for help, only to be turned away,
they were forced to take refuge in forests, caves, camping under roadside foliages, derelict old temples;
and in that very year
when you spent 2 million gold to build that grand temple for your God,
that was the day when God pronounced:“My eternal home is lit by everlasting lamps,
In the midst of an azure sky,
In my home the foundations are built with the values:
Of Truth, Peace, Compassion and Love.
The poverty stricken puny miser,
Who could not provide shelter to his own homeless subjects,
Does he really fancy of giving me a home?”

That is the day God left that Temple of yours.
And joined the poor beside the roads, under the trees.
Like emptiness of the froth in the vast seas,
Your mundane temple is as hollow.
It’s just a bubble of wealth and pride.’
The enraged King howled,
“oh you sham cretin of a person,
Leave my kingdom this instant’.

The Saint replied calmly,
“The very place where you have exiled the Divine,
Kindly banish the devout too”.

Rabindranath Tagore,
20th of Shravan (that is today), 1307 (as per Bengali Calendar)
Therefore, these words of Rabindranath Tagore are befitting words on the occasion when BJP- RSS fanatics led by Premier Nerandra Modi, as the King in the writeup did what they should not have done to make this a theocratic Hindu state. The Sikhs oppose the destruction of the Islamic Babri Masjid and the construction of a Ram Temple upon its foundations. Lord Ram is disgusted and horrified as he does not live in such a man made Temple but in the hearts of every true Hindu.

Simranjit Singh Mānn,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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