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Letter to Editor

The Editor The Tribune,

Please refer to your editorial entitled “Surge in Sino-India warmth” dated 30th April 2018. In this respect my party Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar and I wish to state that the Hindu national press is singing hallelujah’s to PM Modi’s China visit. But what about Modi’s strategic alliance with US, Australia, Japan, Vietnam. Will China appreciate a military alliance against it? Moral failure for locking up Buddhist leader Dalai Lama and holding Air Force drill Gaganshakti before leaving for China. 15% of the upper casteist Hindu’s should stop bluffing 85% minorities, schedule castes, schedule tribes one OBC’s. The dawn of awakening of the non Hindu population has arrived.

Your flying machines Jaguars, Mirages, MIGs are worn out, tired and ancient aircraft. Before frightening China with your might (Gaganshakti) you should have gone into manufacturing your weaponry as did Israel and China which became sovereign states after you achieved your independence 1947. The military industry of Germany, Japan, France, Italy were totally destroyed in World War II but today you are hankering over their military products. Your economy benefits only 15% of the upper caste Hindu crust, while 85% of your subdued population lives in poverty, darkness and squalor.

Those Hindu newspaper who receive subsidised news print and advertisements from the government should see the new dawn and not live in a make belief world.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Simranjit Singh Mann.

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