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Kashmir needs peace and no coffins on either side.-Simranjit Singh Mann dated 06th May, 2020.

Kashmir needs peace and no coffins on either side.-Simranjit Singh Mann dated 06th May, 2020.

The political situation in Kashmir politically and security wise is going from bad to worse. This can be seen by the rising Afghan Nationalism in Afghanistan.

Our party has always viewed the situation in Kashmir and Afghanistan as similar as Kashmir was a province of Afghanistan till 1819 when it was wrested from the Afghans by the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire 1799 to 1849).

Our party has suggested a policy of reconciliation with the Kashmiri peoples. But the extremist Hindu BJP-RSS Government of Premier Narinder Modi is hardening its Hindutva stand on Kashmir. Instead of releasing political and legal luminaries from prison it has extended the dentition of Begum Mehbooba Mufti.

On the other hand the Army Chief General MM. Naravane is issuing threats to Islamic Pakistan to stop the Kashmiri peoples demand for Azadi. Azadi or Freedom is a sentiment, an emotion, a feeling, a longing, a dream over which no power can legislate a law to stop it. So we ask the General how he intends to stop these feelings?

The Foreign Office in Delhi has issued a demarche to Islamic Pakistan to stop its Supreme Court from issuing orders for elections in Gilgit and Baltistan. Elections are the finest and reliable tools of a democracy to ascertain the wishes of the people. How can the Hindu state stop this democratic practice?

On the other hand, the Kashmir part that THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) governs, it has killed democracy and there is no popular Government in place. The promised Constitutional autonomy as per Articles 370 and 35A has been abrogated. If THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) has quashed democracy in its part of Kashmir then our party states that let it flourish and bloom in the part of Kashmir that is a part of Islamic Pakistan.

Moreover, the UNSC has also favoured a democratic practice of plebiscite in Kashmir by a resolution in 1948. Our party favours this democratic practice in settling the Kashmir imbroglio peacefully.

Since resurgence in Afghanistan has risen its banner, it is having its effect in Kashmir. Recently the encounters between the Kashmiri’s and the security forces have risen. The bodies of the slain solders have increased and they are being sent to the plains in very poor plywood coffins. This is not quality of coffins compared to the quality of coffins in which the bodies of American and British solders killed in action are sent to be buried.

In the Kargil conflict it was during the BJP-RSS regime of Vajpayee that coffins of good quality were imported from America. But as in every defence deal large commissions and kickbacks were taken by the BJP-RSS regime then. We have no account of what action was taken against the bureaucrats, politicos and military officers who made profits on the import of coffins meant for heroes.

Whereas, our party asks the Union Government to bring back the fallen solders in respectable coffins, we ask the security forces to show respect to the Kashmiri’s whom they kill in such encounters where there is no judicial enquiry and to give the bodies of these Kashmiri’s to their respective families for burial.

After all, THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) is waging a war against its own people. In Sikh practice we give equal respect to solders that fall on either side.

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