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ISI training Sikhs for terror: MHA

The Tribune 22nd March 2018

ISI training Sikhs for terror: MHA

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that as usual THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) is spreading false propaganda against the Sikh’s that they are receiving terrorist training abroad in facilities made available by the ISI. It must be said with actuality and certainty that the Sikh’s are a martial race and they do not require any training of which the Indian state is alleging. Ever since the birth of Khalsa the Sikh’s have not allowed any foreign invasions from the North. After 1699 there are only two instances of invasions, one by Nadir Shah and the other by Ahmed Shah Abdali. Both these invasions were hotly contested by the Sikh Misils. In 1762 Ahmed Shah Abdali laid siege to the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at Amritsar just like Indira Gandhi in the Hindu state in 1984. But both these assaults were hotly contested by the Sikh’s Baba Deep Singh and later by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala. Eventually the armies of Ahmed Shah Abdali were vanquished by the Sikh’s at Kup and thereafter there were no invasions other than the one in 1962 by the Chinese which the Hindu state could not stem and it surrendered 39000 sq kms to the Chinese. As far as the Sikh’s spreading “false and malicious propaganda” against the Hindu state as alleged by the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) of the Hindu state is not true. All that the Sikh’s say that the promises made by Gandhi and Nehru to the Sikh’s before 1947 were not kept, as a result the two Sikh’s representing the Sikh nation in the Constituent Assembly as a result did not put their signatures to the 1950 constitution. These two Sikh members were S. Hukam Singh and S. Bhupinder Singh Mann.

If there is any falsehood in what we say, this can be verified by and international tribunal.

After 1947 60,000 Sikh’s were jailed by the Hindu state as they asked for a Punjabi speaking state. This is a fact. Then in 1984 the Indian state with the military aid of Great Britain and the Soviet Union attacked the stateless Sikh’s with enormous military force tearing down the holiest Sikh shrine, killing 25,000 Sikh pilgrims and eliminating the young Sikh political and religious leadership under Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala. It must be stated that in 1984 the Indian state, Great Britain and the Soviet Union were dangerous nuclear armed states. Later in 1984 that year Premier Rajiv Gandhi unleashed the crime of genocide of the Sikh people, with impunity. The legislature of Ontario in Canada has passed an uncontested, unanimous resolution of genocide of the Sikh peoples by the Hindu Indian state. All these facts are true, can be verified and there is nothing false and malicious about these atrocities committed on the Sikh peoples. Our party, if the Hindu Indian state does not render an unqualified apology to the Sikh people, our party will take these bigoted and fanatic Hindu’s to court for making such slanderous propaganda against the Sikh people.

Since the Canadian state treats the Sikh’s in accordance with the rule of law and the principles of natural justice the Hindu states Premier Narinder Modi and the Chief Minister of Punjab treated the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau and his delegation on a tour to South Asia with contempt and utterly rude and impudent behaviour with the Intelligence Agencies-RAW and IB putting out a clean shaven Sikh Mr. Atwal as a proof that Canada harboured Sikh’s like Mr. Atwal. Our party was disgusted.




We print below a list of Sikh’s killed in extra judicial murders by THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State). The list pertains to Sikh’s of Jammu & Kashmir. If one reads the news item published in The Tribune dated 22nd March 2018 which we have reproduced above, the Hindu state says that the Sikh’s make “false and malicious propaganda” against the Hindu Indian state. Now what we print, we ask the fanatic Hindu state whether the list below of Sikh’s killed in fake and extra judicial murders is “false and malicious propaganda”?

Atrocities on the minority stateless Sikh peoples continue unabated. Will THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) explain these crimes against humanity committed on the Sikh’s to the U.N. Human Rights Commission and other Human Rights organizations. When will the Sikh people receive justice?

Navdeep Singh Bajwa.

Deputy Secretary to S Simranjit Singh Mann,, Mobile no.+919815992566.



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