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In line of duty

The Tribune 30th March 2017

In line of duty

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that the wearing of the rank on the epaulette is an old tradition we have inherited from the British Indian Army and their counter military wings. Brigadiers and their seniors with their equivalents in the other forces fall in the same category. Besides the rank worn on the epaulette Colonels and their seniors wear red tabs on their collars.

Our party is pretty dismayed to see that now such officers have stopped the red tabs on the collars and like the Americans have begun putting stars on their collars. We think that a certain inferiority complex has crept into the senior officers who want to ape the Americans. If they want to ape the Americans then they should begin to take off their ranks from their epaulettes.

We have also come to learn that one army chief began the practice of putting four stars on his golf cart. We don’t think a rank should be carried on to the playing fields as this practice does not build camaraderie between the fighting forces which is very important in the battle field.    

The armed forces are a disciplined service and our party is at pains to understand whether this highbred change came through the examination and approval of the Defence Ministry or such a demeaning and aping of the American system cropped up by the senior officers taking the initiative on their own? The President and the Defence Ministry must examine this factor as it appears to our party as being nouveau riche and demeaning.  Simranjit Singh Mann

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