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Important issue concerning the Sikh nation regarding Vatican status for Amritsar City. Simranjit Singh Mann

Important issue concerning the Sikh nation regarding Vatican status for Amritsar City.

     Simranjit Singh Mann

The other day I read in the Hindustan Times dated 27th February 2018 regarding some Sikh organizations who are negotiating with THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) regarding a Vatican status for Amritsar City and other issues of the Sikhs which have not been resolved by the Hindu state. Below that news item in the Hindustan Times, which I am again putting up on the net, I had made some remarks, which may be useful to Sikhs and other research scholars dealing with the Sikhs.

Today I am putting out a copy of a pamphlet my late father Lt. Col. S.B.S. Joginder Singh Mann wrote on April 24th 1978. This pamphlet contains two parts, the first is on SIKHS AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS and the second is on Vatican Status for Amritsar City. Since 1978 when this pamphlet was written many World and Indian events have changed and if this pamphlet was written for those times, then naturally it needs revision, which I am sure some Sikhs scholars will sit down, think over and revise. I owe my gratitude to S. Gurtej Singh, a well known scholar of the IAS then who translated this pamphlet into excellent Punjabi.

Cover of the pamphlet



Now follows the translation into Punjabi of this article by the scholar S. Gurtej Singh, then of the IAS.


Now I am putting out the other part of the articles my father wrote which pertains to Sikhs and Foreign Affairs :

Now follows the translation of this script on Foreign Affairs in Punjabi by the scholar S. Gurtej Singh, then of the IAS.


My father Col. Mann sent these two articles written in English to The Tribune, when Mr. Prem Bhatia was the editor of The Tribune. Mr. Bhatia wrote back to my father that he could not print these articles in The Tribune as the policy of The Tribune would not allow him to print such articles. He did not give the reason as to what the policy of The Tribune was that restrained him from publishing these articles. However, it was understood then by my father that these articles would disturb the piece of mind of his Hindu readers, and hence Mr. Bhatia’s lack of enthusiasm to go ahead with the print. Mr. Bhatia was an extreme right-wing Hindu bully who advocated a hard Hindu Indian state. I recollect that during that period the Golf Club in Chandigarh had an over whelming majority of Sikh members and Mr. Bhatia was always trying through government channels and his own Hindutava Arya Samaji contacts to scuttle it. Then in the 1980’s Mr. Bhatia made Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala a target of his Hindu hatred for Sikhs. Later it was Mr. Bhatia that began a campaign to send the armed forces into the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple at Amritsar). He succeeded as the Hindu state had always wanted to teach a lesson to the Sikhs for their bravado and never give in temper. In this vicious propaganda Mr. Bhatia roped in Mr. Girilal Jain, editor of the Times of India and Mr. Arun Shorie, the editor of The Indian Express. Lala Jagat Narain of the Hindu vernacular press was the front runner and a keen Sikh baiter. He joined in willingly in the anti-Sikh campaign. Thus the Sikhs were caught on two extreme right-wing Hindu flanks, the Sikhs now in the middle and naturally out flanked by the enemy. These newsmen won the day when they convinced the already anxious Premier of the day Indira Gandhi to march her troops, which were helped by British and Soviet troops to attack the stateless Sikhs. The BJP-RSS Mr. L.K. Advani and Mr. A.B. Vajpae were already waiting on the wings to pool in their diabolic hatred for the Sikhs and willingly joined in this ill-conceived plan which would forever alienate the Sikhs from the Hindu Indian state. What happened thereafter is history which unfolded itself in Operation Blue Star of 1984. By publishing the articles of my late father now, is an attempt to show the Sikhs that the movement for an independent and sovereign Sikh state, a buffer between three inimical nuclear armed states-Hindu India, Islamic-Pakistan and Communist-China is not a modern day thought. The misadventure of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) into the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple at Amritsar) with an vicious military attack and the martyrdom of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala and his band of intrepid warriors who gave their lives and blood for the honour of the Sikhs and the nation can be said to be the cement that cemented the foundations of the Sikh struggle for freedom and a separate Sikh state in South Asia. The Sikhs will never forget and never forgive the dishonour heaped on them by the Hindu state.


Simranjit Singh Mann,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar).





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