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Former Deputy Manager of PNB among three held 

The Tribune 18th February 2018
Former Deputy Manager of PNB among three held

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that this scandal runs into 11,400 crore rupees and another version is that the state has been defrauded by 20,000 crore rupees. It is also being said that apart from the BJP-RSS government led by Premier Narinder Modi, the Congress party is also involved in this murky business. Our party has always maintained that since both these political parties have a majority Hindu vote base they work in tandem.
For instance the Bofors artillery scandal took place in the 1980’s when Rajiv Gandhi was the Premier. Since then there have been BJP and other parties governing at the Union and presently there is again a BJP-RSS government in power. But this massive scandal by the politicos, bureaucrats and military officers has not been unearthed or fathomed.
Similarly the Congress party under the executed Premier Indira Gandhi sent in the military with the aid of British and Soviet troops to deal with the stateless Sikh’s in the infamous Operation Bluestar of 1984. Again no government at the Union including the BJP-RSS has moved a case of extreme vandalism and mass executions against the politicos, bureaucrats and the military officers.
Nobody has been told that since THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) government’s policies have been to not allow a third party to intervene in THIS’s internal affairs why the Indira Gandhi government of the time sought the military assistances of Britain and the Soviet’s to deal with militarily with the stateless Sikh peoples? No Union government since then has returned the artefacts robbed by the army from the Sikh Reference Library and holy relics from the Toshakhana (Treasury) of the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at Amritsar. Why?
We must also remember that in 1984 late Premier Rajiv Gandhi carried out the genocide and extermination of the Sikh peoples and why since then though there have been various party governments at the Union, particularly in 1999 to 2004 a BJP-RSS government and presently too a BJP-RSS government led by Premier Narinder Modi, why no genocidaire has been brought to trial?
It is also a well known fact that late Premier Narsimha Rao of the Congress party was in league with the radical and fanatic forces of Hinduism led by the BJP-RSS and their leaders Mr. LK Adwani, Mr. AB Vajaypee etc in demolishing the historic Islamic Babri Masjid mosque in 1992. Why no non-Congress party government at the Union has ever probed this terrible destruction of a religious place of worship of the minority Muslim’s.
We would also want to know why the Union government led by the Congress party led by Premier Manmohan Singh which came to power in 2004 ever probe and bring to book the BJP-RSS government of Gujarat led by then Chief Minister Narinder Modi that massacred in cold blood 2000 innocent Muslim’s. Then again in 2013 when the Congress party government was in power at the Union again led by Premier Manmohan Singh why it took no action when Mr. Narinder Modi who ethnically cleansed Gujarat of 60,000 Sikh farmers who held their respective landholdings legitimately?
In Kashmir there has been continuous killings, rapes, abductions, maiming, kidnappings, tortures and forced disappearances of Muslim’s by the army which has draconian powers under the ruthless law- AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) which violates article 21 of the Hindu states constitution which states that no person can be deprived of his life and liberty without the procedure laid down by law. Yet the armed forces carry out all these inhuman and barbaric acts with impunity.
Therefore, the truth is that the BJP-RSS and the Congress party have since 1947 been scratching one another’s backs and it is natural that this large bank fraud to enrich they respective party coffers for the ensuing parliamentary elections next year has come about in a bi-partisan manner.
Our party states that if this large amount of a fraud were to be spent in wiping out the debts of the poor indebted farmers and farm labourers of the Punjab then thousands of these precious lives could have been saved from suicides, misery, poverty and future suicides that are bound to follow.
We further state that Premier Modi has washed out the debts of rich and wealthy industrialists and businessmen that run into many thousands of crores of rupees. What does the Punjab and the Sikh’s expect from the BJP-RSS and Congress governments in future.
History has taught us that the Sikh’s have never been taken for granted and they have fought off tyrannical rule of the Moghal’s, Afghan’s, British and now presently the Hindu rule foisted on the Sikh’s through chicanery, fraud and deceit will also meet the same fate as the villainous and barbaric rule of the past.
If any person has any objection to what we have assessed of the BJP-RSS and the Congress party, that person, state or authority can certainly challenge our party in this context. After all we believe in democracy and its important ingredients- rule of law and the principles of natural justice, which sadly the state under which we live does not.
Simranjit Singh Mann (

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