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Despite a plethora of Intelligence Agencies, a thirteen Lakh army, the BJP – RSS Union Government could not stand up to Communist China. A Humpty Dumpty state.- Simranjit Singh Mānn

Despite a plethora of Intelligence Agencies, a thirteen Lakh army, the BJP – RSS Union Government could not stand up to Communist China. A Humpty Dumpty state.- Simranjit Singh Mānn

The Tribune Dated 20th June, 2020

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that as per Premier Nerandra Modi’s statement dated 19th June 2020 Communist China has not occupied any territory and there was no intrusion, no post was occupied and the forces have been given a free hand to defend the borders. But he has not clarified why infantry and artillery soldiers were sent unarmed to remove PLA tents and other objects that brought dishonour to his country? Was this the decision of Generals Rawat and Narvane or they were given political orders to march against the enemy without weapons. Since four Sikhs gave their lives we ask were they wearing their small 8 Inch Kirpan’s? If not, why? If the Sikh soldiers were wearing their respective Kirpans they could have saved themselves and their fellow soldiers, besides their Colonel.
If the task of the soldiers was to clear a Communist Chinese intrusion, it was the job of the infantry. Why were soldiers of the artillery who have no training in hand to hand, body to body combat sent with soldiers of the infantry? We would have been satisfied had the artillery gunmen fired shells at the target, cleared the ground and then the infantry advance, and would have satisfied our party.
This army is being used in the Mahabharat methodology. How can the cart be put before the horse? These are very great flays for which our party indicts the BJP – RSS, Premier Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, besides the two Generals who have formed a diarchy, that being Generals Rawat and Narvane.
There was a total intelligence failure by R&AW and National Technical Research Organization, both of which report to the National Security Adviser, under the Prime Minister’s Office. Mr. AK Doval the NSA who is usually very vocal has adopted a pin drop silence since the Communist Chinese slithered into Ladakh. Why ? Besides these there is the powerful Intelligence Bureau which reports to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Besides all these agencies we have the following forums and agencies which are like R&AW and NTRO are not responsible to any Parliamentary Committee and their accounts are not audited. These being:
1 All India Radio Monitoring Service
2 Aviation Research Centre
3 Central Bureau of Investigation
4 Central Economic Intelligence Bureau
5 Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre
6 Criminal Investigation Department (India)
7 Directorate of Enforcement
8 Department of Criminal Intelligence
9 Directorate of Air Intelligence
10 Directorate of Military Intelligence
11 Directorate of Naval Intelligence
12 Directorate General of Income Tax Investigation
13 Defence Intelligence Agency
14 Directorate of Air Intelligence
15 Directorate of Income Tax (Intelligence and Criminal
16 Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
17 Economic Intelligence Council
18 Indian Political Intelligence Office
19 Intelligence Bureau
20 Investigation Division of the Central Board of Direct
21 Joint Cipher Bureau
22 Narcotics Control Bureau
23 National Investigation Agency
24 National Technical Research Organisation
25 Radio Research Centre
26 Regional Economic Intelligence Committee
27 Research and Analysis Wing
28 Serious Fraud Investigation Office
29 Signals Intelligence Directorate
30 Thuggee Dacoity Department
31 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

When the tax payer pays for these white elephants and no member of Parliament is aware of them, our party has the right, that with this plethora of every kind of intelligence collection, why we did not know about the Communist Chinese military build – up in Tibet and South of the McMahan Line? How will the Premier and his Cabinet explain this blunder to the people through the Parliament?
We also want to know from the press and the media that runs its shop through heavy Government subsidy of news print and advertisement, why it failed the people and their country in coming out with scoops about the military preparedness of Communist China and the ill – preparedness in this field of their own country. Is this the patriotism of the Hindutva class of people?
We would also ask the Union Government why it has auctioned 41 coal mining blocks in ‘no-go’ areas of rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Coal mining in these areas will disturb the habitat of the Tiger in Tadoba tiger reserve and the habitat of the elephant in Hasdeo Arand, one of the largest contiguous areas of forest in India. This is also home to the Gond indigenous group who oppose the sale of forests and mining in these Tribal areas of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bengal, Maharashtra are already subject to coercion, land grabs and destruction of lives at the hand of big businesses, supported by the paramilitary forces. Do we have no respect or consideration for these original inhabitants of the Indian sub – continent or do we act on the demands of the money bags that control the Union Government of the BJP – RSS?
The production of coal will also increase carbon emissions. At a time when the Ministry of Earth Sciences has warned that surface temperature over the Hindu Kush Himalaya will increase by about 5.2 degree centigrade by the end of the 21st century – why is Premier Modi accelerating climate change at a national level threatening the existence of our future generations, whilst at the same time making promises to lead climate action at the global level?
The Union Government is making the excuse that if many soldiers were killed; injured and captured the Union Government had inflicted a heavier damage on the Communist Chinese. But sadly, there is no evidence to confirm this claim though we have named scores of agencies that report to the Union Government. Do we need these white elephants if they are not reporting on all that has gone wrong? The press and media is also responsible as it has become habitual in receiving free lunches.

Our party is surprised that the Hindu state is getting portions of Kashmir and Ladakh chipped away as these territories were annexed by the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire 1799 – 1849), Kashmir in 1819 and Ladakh in 1834. Now the Hindu state has lost Nepal.
The news report above states that now there are preparations to deal with an invasion. Let us know that if the Hindu state has Sukhoi Su 30, Communist China has three Squadrons of Su 35’s. How will they be contested against? The tanks are aged and so are the heavy guns like Bofors. There is an acute shortage of fighter plane squadrons. The Hindu state is today in the 73rd of its birth and it cannot produce an indigenous infantry rifle.
The Hindutva Union Government has placed an order for 72,400 rifles from a private firm in the USA known by the name of SiG Sauer. Isn’t this a shame that a firm but not a country inhabited by 135.26 Crores can produce an elementary weapon, an infantry rifle? Are the ammunition stocks stable? We doubt it. What about the Navy? Shortages all around and it is not capable of defending the shore line of the peninsular. We think that since 1962, inspite of the Parliamentary Resolution that not an inch of this country’s territory will be allowed to be taken away, the Hindu state has been a Rip Van Winkle all these years and has done nothing but hatch Polly’s eggs. A Humpty Dumpty state. A pity. It can’t face Communist China. But it can face and maul the minorities, schedule castes and the Adivasis or aborigines.

Simranjit Singh Mānn
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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