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Comments of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

The Tribune dated 03rd May, 2019

Comments of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) 

Simranjit Singh Mann states that the Courts cannot discharge hardcore Hindu criminals who have committed terrorist acts and committed extra judicial murders. This is a case of executing Muslims in 2009. Mr Narendra Modi was chief minister of Gujarat then. Mr. Modi was the chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 when he had 2000 innocent Muslims massacred in cold blood. In this carnage Mr. Modi had Muslim women raped publicly by his RSS goons and had these gory scenes video graphed for posterity.

In 2013 Mr. Modi was the same chief minister of Gujarat who had 60,000 Sikh farmers ousted from their legitimately held farmlands and homesteads.

Now, the excuse of the court to discharge these terrorist Hindu police officers on the plea that the government did not give permission under Section 197 of the code of criminal procedure does not hold ground since it is a principle of international law that the Nazi criminals could not take the plea that they were acting on the orders of a higher government authority, at the Nuremburg Trails after World War II. At these Trails all the Nazi prisoners who had committed the crime of genocide were punished and hanged to death.

Similarly, these police officers have to face trail and punished for committing extra-judicial murders.


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