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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

The Tribune 26th June 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that we understand THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State’s) is anxiety to build communications to its borders with Communist China. From the Hindu state’s strategic views this is a sound and reasonable endeavour.

However the Chinese forces (PLA) are sitting on the Tibetan plateau which is a plain. Thus communications by road and rail have no difficulty for them. The Hindu state’s military faces them on the high Himalayan peaks which are snow bound most of the year. At some places, where the passes in the summer open up, communications to the last military post are either possible by muleteers or by air drops.

We are also aware that the Hindu state is building roads up to the frontier with China. All this is reasonable from the Hindu point of view as it wants to develop these frontier areas. Besides this, such communications will facilitate provisions reaching the last frontier military posts.

But since the Hindu’s have no knowledge of state craft and military matters as in history before 1947 save for the legendry kingdom of Ajodhya the Hindu has had no experience in these affairs.

The Hindu state must also know that by practicing and implementing the extreme Hindutva agenda the populations on the borders with China are hostile to Hindu rule.

The Hindu state has also been busy trying to train the border populations with guerrilla and sabotage tactics. When these people are hostile to the Hindu state such training will obviously boomerang.

If roads and railway lines are being laid to the Chinese border, in our thinking these developments will be used by the PLA to reach the plains of India as their troops are in occupations of the Tibetan plateau which is connected to the Chinese main land by rail and road. The Hindu states military is in no way competent to stop a PLA advance.

Recently the Chinese troops entered Uttar Khand’s Chameli district. The army Chief General Rawat hails from this area. He was ashamed to say anything on this ingress by the Chinese, but at that period of time he was busy fighting with superior military weapons the peaceful Kashmiri collage going male and female students.

Their (Chinese) logistics being superior to the Hindu state’s geographically and militarily, we are of the sound opinion that the Hindu state would be digging its own grave by building roads and rail lines to its frontiers with Communist China.

This is our party’s views but since the Hindu’s by majority command the numbers in the parliament, assemblies, judiciary, bureaucracy, military and the press, then as the axiom state’s the majority is always correct, then perhaps they may possess more wisdom than us minority Sikh’s.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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