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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune 25th August 2018

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:
Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that the Sacha Suada Dera like the Nirankari sect remained secret organisations of the Union governments since the last 70 years. These schematic growths of Sikhism were organised and let loose on the Sikh faith by the Hindu Union governments to control the growth and spread of Sikhism. The heads of these organisations were allowed to act independently and violate the laws as they indulged themselves in killing and murdering Sikhs who stood by their faith. These heads are given diplomatic passports so that they can spread their wings abroad.

The Hindus from the very beginning did not allow any religion to thrive and function independently and Buddhism and Jainism being indigenous faiths were militarily thrown out of the Indian sub-continent.

Jainism began to thrive because it compromised its values and ideology with Hinduism to a certain extent.

Islamic faith was edged out and it flourishes in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Sikh faith is being devoured into the omnivorous belly of Hinduism, and so this is the design to finish off the Sikh faith by aiding and financing schematic Sikh organisations. Constitutionally the Hindu Indian constitution of 1950, its article 25 states that Sikh’s are a part of the Hindu religion. But the Sikh’s are resisting with equal vigour to stand up for themselves, whatever may come. This is the main factor for the demand of a separate independent and sovereign Sikh buffer state, to be wedged between three inimical nuclear armed states-Islamic Pakistan, Communist China and THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State).

The press in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) is not free and independent as it follows the Hindu states policy of finishing off the Sikh faith and English newspapers-The Tribune, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and Times of India are examples of this policy.

It is only after the Sacha Sauda Dera had exposed the Hindu states dirty policies by criminal action that The Tribune has now decided to wash its hands off this schematic faith’s activities that it has now devoted a full page to exposing its illegal misdeeds. As a minority we are grateful to these small mercies.

In a nutshell, the Hindu Indian press has spoilt its credibility as far as the Sikh’s are concerned. Since it follows the extreme right wing Hindu ideology of the state it goes along with all the extremist policies of this state.

For example when the crime of genocide and mass murders have been perpetrated on the Sikh’s, the Hindu press will refer to the genocide as riots. Riots as we know occur between two groups or communities. But the genocide of the Sikh’s by the Union Hindu government which was ordered by late Premier Rajiv Gandhi, it were the Hindu officers and Hindu mobs who took part in these heinous crimes against humanity.

The armed forces who are said to be a politic did not step out of their barracks and cantonments to save the Sikh’s facing these barbaric acts. This was in 1984, but today, 2018 the armed forces have been totally communalised and follow the Hindu ideology. In Kashmir they have let loose a reign of terror against the Kashmiri Muslim’s.

Similarly the Hindu press turns the tables, instead of calling the state a genocidaire it refers repeatedly to the Sikh’s as terrorists, extremists, radicals and hardliners.

What our party stand is that a free and independent press should call a spade a spade. Till that happens people who are not Hindu’s should take the Hindu Indian press with a pinch of salt.
Simranjit Singh Mann

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