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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann


The Tribune Dated 22nd June 2017

See these two pictures below:

Simranjit Singh Mann


Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that we see these two pictures above. The first picture is that of Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and the second is of Mr. CK Karnan. Both occupied high positions in the Hindu states hierarchy in state affairs. Mr. CK Karnan was the Governor of Behar a few days ago. Since the ruling BJP-RSS has chosen him to be the President of India, he is presently canvassing support for his candidature for the highest office in the Hindu state.

 The second picture is of Mr. CK Karnan who was a judge of the Calcutta High Court and who has just retired.

 Both Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and Mr. CK Karnan are Dalits who according to the Hindu caste system elaborated in the Manu Smriti, the Hindu scripture are defined as the lowest caste in order of the caste hierarchy.

Mr. Ram Nath Kovind before he resigned as governor of Behar was a BJP-RSS member of the Rajaya Sabha. He has also been the head of the BJP-RSS’s Dalit wing.

 As we have mentioned the Hindu scripture of Manu Smriti, this lays down that Dalits being in the lowest category of the Hindu caste system, on which the ideology of the Hindu religion is based is the gospel of the Hindu religion. This scripture that Dalits are untouchable people and not entitled to listen or speak about the great Hindu scriptures those being the Vedas. The Manu Smriti prescribes that if a Dalit is seen listening to the Vedas by the high caste Brahman then copper should be smelted and poured into his ears so as to plug his ears so that his hearing is stopped forever. It further states that if a Dalit is seen or heard reciting the holy scripture, the Vedas then his tongue should be cut with a sharp blade. If Mr. Ram Nath Kovind believes in the ideology of the BJP-RSS, which he does how will he as President of India, if elected, dispense justice to the Dalits, Schedule Castes, Tribals and the other under-privileged strata of society which is enumerated in the Manu Smriti? He certainly having accepted the racist ideology of the BJP-RSS cannot dispense justice. Since he has accepted this ideology of the BJP-RSS he would now claim that like other Hindu colleagues he belongs to the higher ruling classes of the Hindu caste system.

 Now be come to the second pictures depicted above of Mr. Karnan who was recently a High Court judge of the Calcutta High Court. Mr. Karnan like Mr. Kovind is a Dalit. The Supreme Court recently sentenced him to six months imprisonment. He is currently in a Jail in West Bengal, under going imprisonment. The Hindu state’s constitution lays down that no person can be deprived of his life and liberty without the procedure laid down by court. Therefore the procedure is that Mr. Karnan should have first faced a trial in a lower court in which he would have a constitution right to engage a lawyer of his choice. This fundamental procedure was not followed by the Supreme Court in the case of this under privileged Dalit. You give the dog a bad name and hang him. This is no different than a Kangroo court.

Now we leave it to the readers and the general public to decide whether Mr. Kovind is fit to be a President of the Hindu state and whether Mr. Karnan has received justice and should continue to suffer incarnation in a hot, humid and un-kept jail?

The constitution of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) states in its article 14 that all persons are equal before the law. One Dalit who believes in racism which is banned by the constitution is on his way to become the President of THIS. The other Dalit Mr. Kovind who should have received a fair trial as per the rule of law and the principles laid down in the constitution is forced into a prison which in history is also known as the Black Hole of Calcutta. Lets see the response of the Hindu’s who as per their majority in THIS enjoy all the say in parliament, the judiciary, the executive, the military and the press.


Simranjit Singh Mann,




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