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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune 10th June 2018

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann
Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that the elections to the SGPC are long over due. It has become a lame duck parliament.

In a democracy it is the duty of the majority Hindu community to take the minorities along. But it is negation of democracy when the majority Hindus wish to make the minority Sikh’s to go along with them. This is exactly the grouse of the Sikhs that the majority Hindus want to absorb the Sikhs into their omnivorous belly.

As a result of not conducting the elections, the SGPC whose tenure has expired, this parliament of the Sikhs has got corrupt. Perhaps this is the plan of the Union government in Delhi under BJP-RSS Premier Narinder Modi and the Congress party that holds the reins of power in the Punjab state government. Both the BJP-RSS and the Congress party have been inimical towards the Sikhs from the beginning in 1947.

Most of the dregs in the Sikh society have found a place for hibernation in the Sikh parliament, the SGPC. For instance an official of the rank of a manager in the SGPC Sulakhan Singh included the name of a Hindu lady Kiran Bala for getting a Pakistani visa to go on a pilgrimage to Pakistan and also added the name of a Hindu with shorn hair, showing him as a Sikh. Both these Hindu pilgrims brought a bad name to the Sikh’s and the SGPC as the Hindu lady Kiran Bala married a Muslim in Pakistan and the Hindu disguised as Sikh disappeared from amongst the Sikh pilgrims. The Pakistan government severely reprimanded the SGPC through a press statement.

Our party wishes that such managers that bring a bad name to the Sikh’s and the SGPC should be dismissed immediately from service along with Daljit Singh Badi mentioned in this report as he has an adverse report for violation of the Sikh tenants.

As far as manager Sulakhan Singh is concerned his history sheet should be opened in the police station for having contacts with undesirable people.

Our party appeals to democratic countries to ask Premier Narinder Modi why he is not ordering elections to the SGPC House as it has become a lame duck parliament.
Simranjit Singh Mann

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