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How Sikh’s were deceived by the Hindu, Muslim and British leadership out of their right for a sovereign Sikh state in 1947.

The Tribune 4th June 2018

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) Mr.R.K Kaushik has written a good article on the partition of the Punjab.

However, the Sikh’s were the worst sufferers of this betrayal by the Hindu leaders Gandhi, Nehru and Patel, the Muslim’s under Mohammad Ali Jinnah were no better and the British stabbed us in the back which the Sikh’s never anticipated. It was a knockout punch in the solar plexus for us Sikh’s.


For talks on devolution or Home rule the Sikh’s were always members of the plans the British government envisaged. The Sikh’s as members attended all the Round Table Conferences.

In 1849 the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire in 1799 to 1849) was annexed by the British. The settlement that ensued through a treaty with the Darbar lay down that when Maharaja Dalip Singh came of age, the rule of the Darbar would be restored. The sovereignty of the Darbar was suspended but not abrogated as what happened to the Moghal’s (Muslim rule) after the 1857 mutiny.

Therefore, when the British dissolved their Indian Empire in 1947 it was incumbent for them by law and constitution that if Sikh rule laid in suspension the morality of the British demanded that it should have been restored. That never happened.

But it is strange that the Sikh nation which had every right to become sovereign was cheated and the Hindu’s who had never been a nation in history but for their legendary kingdom of Ajodhya were made sovereign. As for the Muslim’s whose rule had been abrogated in 1857 were given a sovereign state of Pakistan.

Now we come to the partition of the Punjab and the role of Cyril Radcliffe who partitioned the Punjab with Mountbatten guiding him from the rear at Nehru’s behest. What really happened was that Nehru gerrymandered the Radcliffe Line that divided the Punjab. If Gandhi, Nehru and Patel had been true to the Sikh’s then the Radcliffe Line should have brought in Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib, Shekhupura, Gujjranwala and Sialkot districts including the Sikh political capital city of Lahore within the present Punjab. Instead Nehru bartered away the district of Gurdaspur which was to go to Pakistan because he wanted a stretch of territory that connected his home Kashmir to India. Nehru kept Kapoorthala, Zira and Ferozpur because he wanted the waters of the rivers Beas and Sutlej to go into Rajasthan a Hindu majority state.

The Sikh’s were totally deceived by the Hindu leadership. This betrayal irks the Sikh’s to this day and the seeds of an independent and sovereign Sikh state of Khalistan were sown by the deceit of the Hindu leadership and the British government of Premier Attlee. The Muslim’s should have known better that the Sikh’s who are neither Hindu’s nor Muslim’s would have made an excellent buffer state between the historically warring Hindu’s and Muslim’s.

The Muslim’s talk of a strategic defence for Pakistan in Afghanistan but our party does not understand why a strategic frontier of Khalistan couldn’t have given them a security for all times to come. Insha Allah as every devout Muslim says in every sentence, perhaps Kashmir would not have been a problem for Pakistan.

Coming to the end, Mountbatten we would say was not trusted by the conservative British citizen. King Edward VIII who abdicated and took the title of the Duke of Windsor said, with which Churchill agreed, that Mountbatten gave away India and his wife to Nehru. That was the great deception where the Sikh’s lost their slice of the cake in the great divide of 1947.

But our party has not given up the struggle to change the cartography of the Indian sub-continent and by the grace of Waheguru Sahib we will cut our piece of the cake ourselves.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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