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Ex-spymaster seek deep state engagement

The Tribune 24th May 2018
Ex-spymaster seek deep state engagement

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann
Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that what Sardar Amarjit Singh Dulat of the IPS and General Assad Durrani of the ISI have written, our party has always been of the view that if the US conducts business with the Pakistani armed forces, why the Hindu state cannot? After all Nehru was in business with Col. Nasser of Egypt and during that association, Indira Gandhi came to know Col. Nasser pretty well.

Similarly the Hindu state has been in business with Sukorno of Indonesia and his military regime.

Even today the Hindu state has been thick as thieves with the Generals of Burma and the genocide of the Rohingyas does not disturb the mind of Premier Narinder Modi and his BJP-RSS fanatics.

Right from 1947 the Hindu state has had close relations with Soviet Russia, Cuba and the European satellite countries, which were all dictatorial and monolithic.
In the height of the cold war the Hindu state sought the military help of Great Britain and Soviet Union to conduct a military operation againts the stateless Sikh’s. 1984 the infamous Operation Bluestar.

Wasn’t that strange that now that the cold war period has ended and Great Britain is daggers drawn with the Soviet successor state of Russia?

How did this come about, the very senior politicians of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) who attended this function must tell us.
What we must hear from these two officers Mr. Dulat and Mr. Durrani is that why the Hindu states army massacred 43 peaceful and innocent Sikh’s in village Chittisinghpura of Kashmir in 2000. We have read Mr. Dulat’s earlier book in which he has cleverly avoided telling us about this brutality. Embarrassing for a Sikh officer serving the Hindu state. Could Mr. Durrani who has collaborated with Mr. Dulat kindly tell us who butchered these Sikh’s and why the Hindu state till this day refuses to take cognizance of these foul murders? It will not embarrass Mr. Durrani surely.
We observe that Mr. Farooq Abdullah who was the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir then (2000) has also kept a deathly silence over these gruesome and uncalled for deaths? Yet he also attended this function where the spies must have told something but nothing that interests the Sikh’s, that being village Chittisinghpura and slaughter of innocent Sikh’s.

Our party has written times out of number to the very numerous Presidents of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State), Governor NN Vohra of Jammu & Kashmir to have these ghastly killings investigated by the CBI, but all in vain.
In the least since this abominable crime took place during the visit of former American President Clinton to the Indian sub-continent and his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright mentions this crime in her memoirs then Mr. Dulat and Mr. Durrani should be forthright in disclosing the hand of the murderers. Even the US which is fighting terrorism on a world scale should be happy in revealing the mystery that surrounds these unspeakable crimes.

What we can tell all these writers and the gentlemen who gathered to witness this book inauguration event that the Sikh’s in their memory, psyche and history are never going to forget or forgive the perpetrators. So the truth had better come out as the Hindu states hands are imbrued with the blood of innocent Sikh’s, who constitute a minor minority of Kashmir.
Simranjit Singh Mann

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