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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

Hindustan Times 11th April 2018

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that it is obvious that eventually as far as Canada and THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) are concerned chickens have home to roost. Both these countries were in a denial form about the interference of THIS into the internal affairs of Canada.

Our party has always held that the Air India Kanishka flight that took off from Canada and crashed into the Irish Sea killing about 328 innocent civilians was the handiwork of the Hindu states intelligence agencies. These secret service undercover agents of the Hindu state have always kept a vigil on Sikh’s and their affairs, their main hub of activity has been the Sikh Gurudwara’s, where the Sikh’s congregate every week for the religious rendering of the Guru Granth Sahib and later they gather around in groups discussing social affairs and news from their home in the Punjab. The secret agents attached to the Sikh Diasporas try and penetrate such groups who are concerned with Sikh politics in their home country Canada and from where they come from, the Punjab. These agents try to win over Sikh’s towards the Hindu Indian state and use the carrot and stick policy. Those whom they entrap are offered quick diplomatic services in their missions and also care of their troubles in the Punjab. Those Sikh’s who swear allegiances to the country they have adopted are kept away from the Hindu states diplomatic missions and the services they dispense. They are put on a Black List which is secretly maintained and such Sikh’s on the List are not given visas to THIS and their troubles back home are engineered in such a way that it keeps worrying the Sikh’s who do not get entrapped into betraying the country they have made it their home or who do not spill the beans about what goes on in internal Sikh affairs and politics.

Such is the case of the Sikh immigrant to Canada Mr.Atwal who was on the Hindu states Black List. It is obvious that these agents talked him into taking him off the Black List, giving him a visa to THIS, arranged that he be put on the delegation accompanying Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the Hindu Indian state. Then they manoeuvred all the antics that took place to embarrass the visiting Prime Minister and his wife, while in India and the Punjab.

With this background our party has always maintained that the Hindu states secret agents working under diplomatic cover in Canada were responsible for the Kanishka disaster. This was the handiwork of the late Premier Rajiv Gandhi to show the Sikh’s in bad light, as then the struggle for an independent and sovereign Sikh state, Khalistan, was at its peak. Rajiv Gandhi was determined to paint the Sikh’s as terrorists and the design was that the Khalistan movement would get a bad name abroad and it would be stemmed.

We have always asked that the Royal Mounted Canadian Police and Canada’s secret service to examine the telephonic and other electronic traffic from Indian missions in Canada to Delhi and vice-versa. Further we have always demanded that the Canadians tell us why two diplomats of the Indian mission who were to take this ill-fated flight cancelled their passage on this flight at the eleventh hour?

We had also suggested to the John Major Commission to fathom these enigmas and also find out why Talwinder Singh who was thought to be the main accused for this disaster by the RMCP was eliminated in a fake extra judicial murder by the Punjab police under the notorious police officer KPS Gill, and why if the Canadian police suspected his hand, why he was not handed over to the RMCP?

Presently if we read the news above from The Hindustan Times date 11th April 2018, it states that the Hindu states Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj cancelled her a meeting with her Canadian counterpart because “relations turned frosty over a theory advanced by a senior official in Ottawa that rogue elements in the Indian government were involved in efforts to sabotage Prime Minster Justine Trudeau’s February visit to India”.

Now that Indo-Canadian relations have soured to an extent when the Canadian state holds that the Canadian Prime Minister’s recent visit to THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) was ruined because of the wicked engineering by the Hindu states intelligence agencies and therefore we suggest that Canada probes the actual cause of the Air India catastrophe to its depth and reveal the truth. The Sikh’s must get Justice in Canada though we here are going hammer and tongs, struggling peacefully day & night to get justice from the genocidaire Hindu state. We hope we will triumph and the guilt borne by the Hindu state in causing the death of innocent passengers will see the light of day. This is our prayer and may God help us and be with us always.

The last thing our party wishes to state is that the Hindu state should be grateful to Canada which gave it its first Atomic Reactor for peaceful purposes, but the Hindu state had other designs and used this Reactor to steal Atomic secrets and technical knowhow to make nuclear weapons, just like Dr. Khan of Islamic Pakistan, who stole such secrets from the Dutch Nuclear Reactors to give his country a nuclear armed state status. If THIS brags about its military power today, then it should be grateful to Canada. But then Plato has said that the first think a calf does on its delivery is to kick the cow that gave it birth.

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