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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

The Tribune 2nd June 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that our party is satisfied that Russia did not criticise Islamic Pakistan as currently it is under deep military pressure of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State).

In Kashmir the armed forces have let loose a reign of terror. Under the shadow and garb of the draconian law AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) which gives the armed forces powers to kill, maim, detain, rape, molest, torture and make captured Kashmiri’s disappear with impunity.

To keep peace in South Asia it is important that nuclear armed Pakistan is militarily strong so that the military power of nuclear THIS cannot squash this small and weaker country.

The Sikh Homeland Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh, Ladhakh, and Kutch in Gujarat lies between three inimical nuclear armed states- THIS, Communist China and Islamic Pakistan. The Sikh Homeland and its population will be totally destroyed and eliminated in the event of a nuclear war as our Homeland will become the theatre of a nuclear war. Therefore in order to keep peace in South Asia and save the Sikh Homeland Russia and China will have to play a major role in keeping the military balance between the Hindu and Islamic states.

Since our party is against capital punishment we sincerely appeal to Islamic Pakistan not to execute the Hindu state’s spy Jadhav. In the same breath we appeal to the Hindu state to apologise for executing Sikh’s and Muslim’s, they being Bhai Jinda, Bhai Sukha, Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh and Muslim’s Maqbool Bhat and Afsal Guru.

Our party stands for peace and these steps are necessary to cool the heightened temperatures between these two Islamic and Hindu states, both implacable enemies.

The Sikh’s are neither Hindu’s nor Muslim’s. We need international support to keep our Homeland safe and secure and would appreciate that a No Fly Zone is created over our territories where no flying objects carrying munitions of war are allowed to transgress.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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