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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

The Tribune 5th January 2018

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that the American’s cannot understand the conditions in South Asia and Afghanistan. Earlier when Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan and captured it the Islamic countries like Pakistan helped the American’s of ridding Afghanistan against foreign un-Islamic occupation which the Afghan’s have never tolerated in their history and it is only the Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire in 1799 to 1849) that has occupied and ruled the Afghan’s with a semblance of law and order. The Lahore Darbar (Sikh Empire in 1799 to 1849) had banned capital punishment but not in the Khalsa army where rape and molestation of women in this region was a capital offence.

After the attack on the New York towers and the Pentagon in 2001 the American’s declared a war against terrorism. Then and now we do not understand how a war can be fought against an invisible enemy and why since then the American’s with all the armaments conventional and nuclear have still not won this war, although they have Nato by their side?

After the Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan in this war against terrorism, the American’s have occupied Afghanistan. We do not understand how an Islamic country like Pakistan can support the non-Islamic American’s against a neighbouring Islamic country that being Afghanistan?

If money and monetary aid by the American’s could win over a government of Islamic Pakistan we do not think that a government that rules over an Islamic country would receive the support of the citizenry or populace of such a theocratic state. This dilemma of the Pakistani’s has to be understood by the American’s.

We do not support the American’s on this unwise policy which has not been understood by the think tanks and the American administration. How would America like Pakistan falling into a coalition with Russia and China?

We think these factors ought to be thought out before taking a jump without thinking where one would land?

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