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ਤਾਜਾ ਖਬਰਾਂ

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune 04th December 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:- The Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that the Sri Lankan cricket team could not have found a better way in offending THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State). The right wing extremist Hindu state must be regretting in having helped the Sri Lankan’s in eliminating the Sri Lankan Tamil leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

We think the Hindu states diplomacy and military adventurism needs to be reviewed and revised. The assassination of Sikh leadership of Sant Janrail Singh Bhindrawala and his lieutenants by the Hindu state has also proved counter productive as the Sikhs, here and internationally have not settled down since army action Operation Bluestar of 1984. Everyday we see or hear murmurs of concern by the bureaucracy, press, judiciary and the legislature. We ask the radicalized Hindu state-was it worth it?


Simranjit Singh Mann,


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