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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune 11th November 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that this is for the information of the Sikh’s . This needs a further probe by the Russians as there cannot be smoke without a fire.


The Hindu Indian state and press have been accusing Islamic Pakistan in giving the Chinese their American gifted F-16 fighter jets to be split apart to find out the technology of these fighter jets.


Our party has always suggested that technology given to THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian state) and Islamic Pakistan can always land into the hands of non-state militants. As far as the Hindu state is concerned technology can fall into the hands of undesirables for the greed of money and Islamic Pakistan’s  on grounds of ideology.


Before selling more arms and nuclear weapons to the Hindu state, France must give the Sikh’s  living in their country their right to wear their traditional head gear-the Turban. We hope the Hindu state under Premier Modi will understand the right of the Sikh’s  to wear the Turban as Great Britain in World War I and World War II had not forced the Sikh soldiers to take off their Turbans and put on helmets. The Turban issue is very close to the hearts of the stateless Sikh’s.


The Sikh's are against all super powers in giving THIS nuclear weapons. These endanger the Sikh civilization wedged in between Islamic Pakistan, Hindu India and Communist China, all armed with dangerous nuclear weapons to the teeth.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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