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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

The Tribune 23rd October 2017
Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that both the BJP and SAD-Badal are fellow travellers in which the electorate of Gurdaspur was entertained to salacious peccadilloes of the SAD-Badal stalwart Sucha Singh Langha and the BJP candidate Sawarn Salaria. Both these party’s were in a political alliance but their undoing was that the leaders were indulging in extra marital affairs which were put up on net. The other reason was that the ruling Union Government in Delhi led by the BJP-RSS had made a mess of the economy. Its policy of demonetization and the GST had ruined the traders and the small farmers and farm labourers were committing suicides and are at it still.Premier Narinder Modi as the head is also charged with the crime of killing over 2000 Muslim’s in Gujarat when he was the Chief Minister of that state in 2002 and again in 2013 as Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi confiscated the legitimately held farmlands of 60,000 Sikh farmers rendering them landless and homeless.

Moreover the BJP demonitising the currency followed by GST are also responsible for their defeat and on 9th November 2017 they face another big defeat when Himachal Pradesh state goes to the polls and a little later in Gujarat in the coming polls they face another Waterloo in November itself this year, unless Premiere Modi starts military skirmishes with Islamic Pakistan.

In Kashmiri as Hoobe’s states life of the Kashmiri has got nasty, brutish and short as extra judicial murders of the youth by the armed forces continue at a rapid speed with impunity and of course with impunity as America and Western democracies side with THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian state)
Simranjit Singh Mann


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