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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann

The Tribune Dated 28th August 2017

The Tribune Dated 29th August 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that our party has a definite interest in the peace and stability in South Asia. We are satisfied that the Doklam issue in which the Chinese and Hindu states armies were facing one another in a war like posture has been settled at present. Our party had taken a stand that the Sikhs would not support THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) in a war because our Homeland the Punjab would become the nuclear battlefield, thus resulting in the total and complete annihilation of the Sikh and Punjabi race, west and east of the Radcliffe Line. The other reason was that as the Hindu state had militarily raised the holiest Sikh shrine (Darbar Sahib in Amritsar) to the ground in 1984 by deploying British and Soviet troops to assist it, for these reasons and for the Hindu state committing the genocide of the Sikhs, Sikhs could not fight and give their blood for their genocidaires and those who had destroyed the holiest Sikh shrine and assassinated the new and young Sikh leadership under Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala.

Now we believe that Islamic Pakistan must be kept militarily strong and if it weakens the Hindu state finding a military vacuum in South Asia would create a war situation. Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India both armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons would make the Sikh Homeland the nuclear battlefield in which again the Sikhs would be totally eliminated.

America has always supported Islamic Pakistan militarily as Pakistan in return has supported America. When the Soviets invaded and occupied Afghanistan, it was Pakistan that helped the world and America to rid Afghanistan out of the grasp and control of the communist backed regime of the Soviet Union.

If today Pakistan has some reservations on the intent of America’s policy in Afghanistan, we are sure that this can be hammered out on a table. We mean the Taliban and the Haqquani group. There is no reason to leave a vacuum for American policy in this region. If Pakistan wants to hang on to the Taliban and Haqquani group, in collusion with Pakistan, America can find a solution within this alliance. Pakistan wants a strategic defence in keeping Afghanistan as a back door. America can ensure the safety of Pakistan by creating a frontier in which Pakistan could feel safe by giving recognition to the Sikh Homeland as a free, independent and sovereign state that would act as a buffer between three nuclear states, they being, Communist China, THIS and Islamic Pakistan.

In the meantime the Sikh Homeland should be declared as a No Fly Zone over which no military flying objects would fly. There is a need for fresh cartography in South Asia as the Belfair Resolution that went on to create the Jewish state of Israel. The Sikhs who are neither Hindu nor Muslims nor Communists would ensure that these three implacable nuclear armed states do not get into one another’s hair.

Therefore, in keeping a military balance in South Asia it would be prudent for America to release the F-16 war planes and other defensive equipment besides armour plated Apache military helicopters, surveillance sea planes and other equipment to keep the undesirables confined to their caves, so that Pakistan can keep the Americans fighting to solve the vexed and intractable Afghan political imbroglio.

Our party says all this so that peace remains unchallenged in South Asia and precious lives are not lost in our part of the world. America, the British and Russians must remember that it was only the Sikhs under the Lahore Darbar, (Sikh empire-1739-1849) that have ruled over Afghanistan and the modern day Durand Line that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan is the creation of this Darbar and Kashmir, a province of Afghanistan was also annexed to the Darbar. It is unfortunate that Islamic Pakistan and the Hindu state could not keep Kashmir as a whole. It is the doing of the Darbar that the annexation of Ledakh took place but pathetic that in 1962 the Hindu state ceded 39,000 sq kms to the Chinese and while the Doklam issue lasted the Hindu state could not retake this lost territory. This is the reason for the creation of an independent and sovereign Sikh buffer state. Do we need to say more?

Simranjit Singh Mann,



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