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Comment by Simranjit Singh Mann

Politically Encashing the Hate and Human Responsibility
The amount of hatred that exists in the hearts and minds of Hindus for Muslims can be gauged from what the mob which killed Ibrahim-khan Lal-khan Belim (aged 45) on 25th March 2017 at Vagjipara – an extended colony of nearly 1500 Muslims – at Vadavali village in Patan district of Gujarat were saying, they were saying “we will kill you all Muslims”. Although this hatred between Hindus and Muslims pre-exists since many centuries and has a historical, political and ideological basis, but now this hatred is being produced and increased further by giving wrong and crooked history lessons in schools as now young minds are being indoctrinated since education is also influenced by RSS while the ultra rightwing BJP is ruling over India. This killing of Muslims in a village in Gujarat by Hindus of the neighbouring villages, over a minor dispute (of someone pushing somebody and somebody falling down from the stairs in school) among 10th class school going students blown out of proportion, indicates how excuses are being found to kill Muslims by those who are filled with hate and are indoctrinated and also have political patronage. They came to kill them three times, first the mob consisted of just 10 to 15 people, while they were persuaded to return by village elders, the second mob consisted of about 100 people armed with sticks and sharp edged weapons, the village elders again tried to reason with the group that the matter has been sorted out and don’t stretch it further but they started hitting the Muslims with weapons, only when the police vehicle reached there with 5 to 6 policemen that the mob fled, and after about 30 minutes the third mob came, this time an armed mob of over 5000 people converged on the village to kill Muslims, while most of the Muslims fled or hid themselves, only 15 to 16 men were left behind, they were beaten badly, while Ibrahim-khan Lal-khan Belim was killed, Sultan-bhai Bhiku-bhai Qureshi (aged 45) was shot in the groin, the houses and vehicles of Muslims were burnt. The mob came to kill them three times, each time with a bigger crowd, is an ominous indication of what lays ahead, if Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Tribals, SC/Dalits, Jaats and other marginalized communities do not get their act together. The beating and killing of Muslims, attacks on their shops & houses and looting & burning them not just in Gujarat, but in UP and other parts of India are part of the efforts to marginalize them economically, while they are already politically marginalized, it is an effort to marginalize them to such an extent that they can never rise again and are forced to live like second class (or even third class) citizens of India. It is an exercise to change their psyche, forcing them to accept their fate as second class citizens of India; and not as equal partners, or as human beings to live with dignity, respect, honour and freedom.
The killing, looting and marginalization of Muslims must be condemned not just by ordinary people and by freedom fighters, but by scholars, academics, film stars, politicians and also by those who are in power. Freedom fighter politicians like Sardar Simranjeet Singh Mann who is fighting for the freedom of Sikhs will (most likely) condemn such killing of Muslims. But those politicians, who are in power like Captain Amrinder Singh, the present Chief Minister of Punjab, must also condemn the killing of Muslims, and raise their voice against such gruesome killings and gross injustice, just like the Nawab of Malerkotla had raised his voice against the killing of Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh. However, neither Captain Amrinder Singh nor any other Congress Party Chief Minister is likely to raise their voice against the killing and marginalization of Muslims now happening in India under BJP/RSS rule. The reason for this silence is the Congress Party’s enquiry committee report, which enquired about the causes of the loss of Congress Party in the last parliamentary elections which brought up the present BJP/RSS government of Narendra Modi. Among the many other causes of the loss of Congress Party in last parliamentary elections was the cause that Hindus considered the Congress Party as a party which was sympathetic to Muslims and appeased them. If the Congress Party has to win elections in future and if they truly follow the report of the enquiry committee in letter and spirit then no Congress Party leader or Chief Minister is likely to raise their voice. This would mean that the Congress Party has also started following the same discourse which the BJP/RSS has been producing for quite some time, and Subramaniam Swamy is one of the protagonists who has been instrumental in producing and disseminating this discourse, while many others like yogi Aditya Nath (the newly chosen Chief Minister of UP) and his followers are implementing this discourse. Subramaniam Swamy has even stated that voting right of Muslims must be taken away from them and they must be made second class citizens, thus forcing even the Congress Party, Communists and others to stop from being sympathetic to Muslims, or to appease them, and all the political parties in India just take care of the welfare and interests of the Hindus and Hindus only. The recent release of a photograph showing Captain Amrinder Singh giving a bouquet of flowers to K.P.S. Gill who is responsible for the killing of thousands of Sikhs including the killing of Human Rights Activist Jaswant Singh Khalra shows that Captain Amrinder Singh is trying to indicate to his Hindu Supporters that he will continue the suppression of Sikhs and will not let them rise again, so Hindus of Punjab and India need not worry that Congress Party came to power in Punjab under his leadership, as he will continue to follow the same discourse, establishment, and the established pattern of systematically suppressing Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Tribals, SC/Dalits, Jaats and other marginalized communities while continuing to maintain the Brahmin, Kashtriya, Vaish/Bania/Businessman domination over all others.
Sikhs must get their act together and form a coalition with Muslims, Christians, Tribals, SC/Dalits, Jaats and other marginalized communities who are being suppressed and fight back the establishment of the Indian State and its discourse; and ultimately attain freedom so all can live with honour, dignity and respect as equals. Living a life of slavery and dishonour is not worth living. Rise and help your brothers and sisters to fight back otherwise there will be a day when nobody will be left to help and to seek help from.

Dr. Sandeep Singh
Ph.D. (Philosophy)


Comment by Simranjit Singh Mann is ashamed of what the Hindus did to Muslims in Gugrat .He will send a party delegation to gather the facts. Then he will proceed further. Muslims in 2002 were massacred in Gugrat by Mr Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gugrat .In fact in 2013 Mr Narinder Modi confiscated the legally held lend holdings of 60,000 Sikh farmers, rendering them landless and homeless . This was an act of ethnic cleansing . SAD(A) is aware and awake and we will to something . Gurjant Singh Kattu 02 April 20017

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