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Can the Sikh’s co-exist with Hindu India after the Ontario Assembly resolution condemning the Sikh genocide and the Hindu state and its Hindu editors opposing the resolution. Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Editorial in The Tribune 10 April 2017

Can the Sikh’s co-exist with Hindu India after the Ontario Assembly resolution condemning the Sikh genocide and the Hindu state and its Hindu editors opposing the resolution.

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that The Tribune and the other English language news papers like The Hindustan Times, Times of India and The Indian Express have never been fair in writing about the stateless Sikh’s who live like second class citizens in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State). All these news papers including the Hind Smachar a vernacular news paper from Jullundhar have in the past built pressure on the Hindu state during the period when Indira Gandhi was the Premier to take military action against the Sikh’s. A similar chorus of right wing Hindu leaders, of the BJP-RSS Mr.LK Advani and Mr. AB Vajaypee joined by the CPI-CPM and Hindu Lok Dal leaders like late Charan Singh in boosting the mind of Indira Gandhi to send in the military into the holiest Sikh shrine Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at Amritsar in 1984 in a military ingress code named Operation Bluestar.

The Hindu state harps on the policy of bilateralism when it has a dispute with another country. But in the case of Operation Bluestar it roped in Britain and Soviet Russia to kill the Sikh leadership and massacre 25,000 Sikh pilgrims that were gathered on that day to observe the martyrdom of V Guru Arjun Sahib. The Akal Takhat was raised to the ground with tank, mortar, artillery fire and commandos of the three nuclear powered states-Britain, Soviet Russia and THIS. This was a trilateral military attack on the stateless Sikh’s and their holy shrines. In this instance the Hindu state broke its bilateral policy.

Now Mr. Harish Khare in his editorial (above) writes –“Foreign governments, regional or national, muddy their hands by dabbling into what is essentially an internal affair of India”. Keeping up with The Tribune tradition in Sikh baiting Mr. Harish Khare is here again wondering why a foreign state is meddling in his state’s affairs. We ask why his state meddled in South African affairs when apartheid was a policy in that state. Why did Great Britain, the US and the British Indian Army meddle in European affairs when Nazi Germany eliminated six million Jews? Why did the Hindu state seek American help in clothes and munitions when it clashed with China in 1962?

His beloved country should have remained stoic and taken the stand that it would fight its own battles.

Presently why is the Hindu state lying prostrate before America to forge a military alliance with the US as China, Russia and Pakistan have more or less come together to ally with one another in case their security is challenged?

Now if the Sikh’s are a stateless people, suffered the crime of genocide by the majority Hindu state in which the police and its military were neutralised while the Hindu’s went into a wild rampage killing, raping Sikh women, Hindu’s putting tyres around the necks of young boys and setting them on fire, looting, pillaging, committing sacrilege of Sikh shrines and since 1982 the Hindu state taking no cognisance of the crime of genocide since then and if the Ontario Assemble of Canada passes a resolution condemning this ghastly crime just as the Nuremberg Trials after World War II did then why is this fanatic Hindu Mr. Khare disturbed. Does he support the crime of genocide? This is for him to answer and The Tribune trust must intervene and ask its editor Mr. Khare whether he is sound in his mind. Before him his predecessor Prem Bhatia also supported the crime of genocide and the trilateral military attack on the Darbar Sahib. One of The Tribune’s trustees Mr. NN Vohra who is the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir refuses to probe the crime of the massacre of 43 innocent Sikh’s of village Chittisinghpura by the army in Kashmir in 2000 which occurred on the eve of the former President of the US Mr. Bill Clinton’s visit.

We feel that The Tribune is now a habitual baiter of the Sikh peoples. We do hope that the remnants of the trustee’s who have saved their mental equilibrium will sit down with Mr. Khare and ask him whether he can cure himself of Sikh baiting and hatred. Previously such hatred of Prem Bhatia and his colleagues of The Times of India Giri Lal Jain, Indian Express Mr. Arun Shorie, Hind Samachar Lala Jagat Narain have spoilt the Sikh’s relationship with the Hindu state.

As a person and what I know of the Sikh mind and psyche the Sikh’s will fight on and never accept the Hindu religion and its state’s hegemony. Cunningham an English historian familiar with the Sikh way of life writes- the Sikh’s dare and endure but never accept defeat.

My party and I have been badly mauled in the last Punjab Assembly elections held on 4th February 2017 but none of us have accepted defeat. We will fight on till a Sikh independent and sovereign state is created, a buffer between three inimical states, armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, these being Islamic Pakistan, Communist China and THIS.


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