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Below is placed Simranjit Singh Mann’s letter to the new Advocate General of the Punjab that shows the concerns of the Sikh’s regarding dispensation of justice.

Below is placed Simranjit Singh Mann’s letter to the new Advocate General of the Punjab that shows the concerns of the Sikh’s regarding dispensation of justice.


Quilla S. Harnam Singh,

Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib,

PIN Code 140406

Punjab (India)

Dear Advocate General Nanda,


Our party congratulates you on assuming the duties of the highest legal officer of the state. We do hope you will while discharging your duties be fair and fearless in giving your advise to the government which has raised you to this post.

        Philippe Sands a writer on state terrorism and non state terrorism questions the role of lawyers who are required to give legal opinions on sensitive political matters, and asks what responsibility they bear. Are they just following orders or do lawyers carry an unique responsibility to uphold justice in democratic societies? The answers to these questions will be of urgent concern to all those who care about human rights and the rule of law in our world.

        As the Advocate General the constitution gives you an unique privilege to address the legislative assembly. Therefore, I would think it is the right moment to address the Assembly and inform the public that you will challenge the Punjab Reorganization Act of 1966 as it is ultra vires of the constitution because the waters of the Punjab which are on the state list in which respect Punjab has complete sovereignty, as does the Union on subjects placed on the Union list.

Moreover, the Shah Commission has not adjudicated fairly by giving the Bhakhra Dam and its reservoir to Himachal Pradesh as the last village of this dam has been given to the Punjab state.

         I have also learnt that in the Reorganization Act the Faridkot House in Kasauli is the property of the Punjab state but due to the disinterest of the bureaucracy to fight for Punjab’s rights this property has not been taken over by the Punjab state.

        Reverting to the right of the Punjab on waters I would request that the case of the Joginder Nagar power station which Himachal Pradesh is trying to take away from the Punjab, this case too needs your attention.

        I would further request that you address all IPS, IAS and IFS officers and tell them that during your tenure you would like to enforce the rule of law. Any dithering on this important factor will make the officer responsible and the Advocate Generals branch will not defend that officer at state expense.       

        It is hoped that during your tenure you will not allow the government to frame false charges against dissenters like me and my party men. Your predecessors in the Badal-BJP government have not followed their conscience and professional ethics while dealing with our political party and other adversaries.

        I am sending you this letter through my relative Advocate Karanraj Singh. 

 Wish you the best.


With regards,

Your sincerely,

Simranjit Singh Mann


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar).

 Mr. Atul Nanda,

Honourable Advocate General, Punjab,




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