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A miscarriage of justice

The Tribune 20th May 2017

A miscarriage of justice

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that if The Tribune editorial feels strongly that injustice has been done to former Coal Secretary Mr. HC Gupta, then there is no reason to blame the CBI and other forces for the conviction of Mr. Gupta.

On the one hand the majority Hindu and this newspaper feel happy when Sikh’s and Muslim’s are convicted or even hanged. There are no eulogies for them.

What has happened in the extra judicial murders of Sikh prisoners in Pilibhit jail in UP in 1991. No one cares or the 43 Sikh’s massacred in Chittisinghpura in Kashmir in 2000 by the military.

Though we have written time out of number to Governor NN Vohra of Jammu & Kashmir to take criminal action against the army officers and jawans who murdered these peace loving Sikh’s in cold blood but Governor Vohra has kept a death like silence over our repeated appeals for justice. Mr. Vohra is also a trustee of The Tribune.

It was an American President Truman who said the buck stops here, meaning that beyond the President there is no avenue of appeal. The Tribune must remember that when Mr. Gupta was the Coal Secretary, this ministry was headed by none else than the then Premier Mr. Manmohan Singh. We ask why The Tribune has excluded him for the responsibility of what Mr. Gupta, immediately working under him did.

Mr. Manmohan Singh should have shown the qualities of leadership and taken the responsibility of all that happened under his charge.

We do hope The Tribune should remain impartial and fair in apportioning blame to the CBI alone. Why Mr. Manmohan Singh has escaped blame. Only the Editor in Chief of The Tribune Mr. Harish Khare can tell us why the buck did not stop at Mr. Manmohan Singh’s rank, the then Prime Minister who headed the Coal Ministry.

Simranjit Singh Mann

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