The Tribune dated 22nd September 2022

Our Party does not agree with The Tribune’s editorial-‘Colonial Burden’ of the newspaper dated 22nd September 2022. It states that if we support the renaming of roads, cities, regiments etc it will “bolster national pride and honour”. Does it mean that soldiers who have given their lives under the present nomenclature of the regiments and won the highest awards were dishonourable, anti-national and mercenaries?

Does it means to change names of cities, roads and buildings from their Muslim and British names would create greater nationalism in which the minorities would face more brutal conditions to live in?

We think that such thinking of The Tribune is like committing ones suicide. For instance, the name of the newspaper The Tribune which can only be understood if one knows English, will have to be changed? The Tribune and the language it is written in would have to be converted to the Devnagari or Hindi language script?

Our Party does not favour this so called nationalism as the British regiments are also named under the particular nationalisms that exist in Britain, those being Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English. So two hundred years old nomenclatures of regiments and recruitment patterns would now in the name of the so called Hindutva nationalism be changed? As Sikhs we are proud of our history and our Sikh Regiments and Sikh Light Infantry Regiments.

Mutare Sperno.

Simranjit Singh Mann, MP
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar),
Facebook page: @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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