Muslims and Sikhs in grave danger in the Hindu Indian state. Simranjit Singh Mānn, Member of Parliament.

The Tribune dated 28th November 2023

Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar states that this is a draconian action against Kashmiri Muslims students who did not support the Hindu Indian team in the cricket match against Australia.

The students and non-Hindus must have a free mind to think what they feel. Using the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) against the Kashmiri Muslims is an act of stopping the freedom to think of the minorities. This is against article 19 of the Constitution.

In fact most Muslims and Sikh bureaucrats, professors and teachers have been put to pasture.

Similarly Muslims in Kashmir, particularly in Srinagar are not allowed their religious right to pray on Friday’s which is an Islamic religious right. The Jamia Masjid is ordered to be shut by the saffron clothed Lt. Governor Mr. Manoj Sinha.

We think the Muslims and Sikhs live a wretched and cursed life in Kashmir where the armed forces under the law AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) have the legal right to kill, maim, kidnap, abduct, murder, rape, molest, torture, detain any person for an endless time, with impunity.

This law contravenes Article 21 of the Constitution which states that no person can be deprived of his life and liberty without following the procedure laid down by law.

Yet the Supreme Court which is the guardian of the Constitution is not willing to strike this inhuman law and declare it ultra vires the Constitution.

Similarly in Canada the Hindu states Intelligence Services have assassinated three Sikh Canadian citizens, they being Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Ripudaman Singh Malik and Sukhdool Singh.

In the UK these agencies have killed Avtar Singh Khanda and in Islamic Pakistan Parmjit Singh Panjwar has been assassinated.

Within the Hindu Indian state these Agencies have assassinated Deep Singh Sidhu in Haryana and Subhdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala in the Punjab.

This virus of assassinating Sikhs abroad has spread to the USA, as that government suspects on firm grounds that a Sikh dissident US citizen Gurwatwant Singh Pannu was to be put to death.

The National Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval says that the country needs to be made powerful (The Tribune dated 27th November 2023) which would mean that Sikhs like the Jews in Nazi Germany are now on the hit list of the Hindu Indian state.

If the country needs to be made more powerful by killing its minorities, it is clear that the Hindu Indian state has spoilt its relations with the Western democracies.

The External Affairs Minister Mr. Jaishankar spent five whole days in the UK (dated 11th November to 15 November 2023) asking the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary and Labour Party’s Shadow Foreign Secretary to curb the speech of British Sikh citizens. Then his behaviour is like the toadies of the British-Indian rule, who tattled to the British-Indian Government.

These are some of the facts which we wish to place before the UN Human Rights Commission, US Commission on International Religious Freedom and Amnesty International which is banned here in the Hindu Indian state.

But the Sikhs will persevere and oppose the genocidaires. We will and never give in.

In the end we do not know how the Union BJP-RSS Government of Premier Narendra Modi is going to solve the Kashmir imbroglio, when small Kashmiri children have been booked and arrested under UAPA. We request the Jammu & Kashmir Bar to help these children and make them safe from the octopus like tentacles of the Hindu Indian state. Sikhs still do not forget and demand justice for the 43 Sikhs massacred in cold blood in village Chitthisinghpura of Kashmir in 2000 by the army. When the Vajpayee BJP-RSS Government held office.

Former President Bill Clinton along with his Secretary of State Medellin Albright visited India. During the visit 43 Sikhs were slain by the army. We have had no report of investigation of this horrific misdeed since then and the Sikhs demand justice. Madam Albright has mentioned these barbaric killings in her Memoirs.

The Tribune dated 29th November 2023

Simranjit Singh Mann,
Member of Parliament,
Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar,
Facebook page @sardarsimranjitsinghmann

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