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Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

The Tribune 27th November 2017

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that this is for the information of Sikh’s. We state that the lifes of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe run in a parallel manner with that of Premier Narinder Modi of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State), as when Mugabe seized powers he ousted the white farmers from their legitimately acquired farmlands. Similarly when Mr. Narinder Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat he forcibly seized the legitimately acquired landholdings of 60,000 Sikh farmers and sent them packing, without awarding compensation. This was in 2013. Mr. Modi has since becoming the Premier unleashed his fanatic Hindu cow vigilantes who suspect that any person is in possession of a cow that maybe slaughtered for beef.

Below we give a picture from The Tribune dated which shows that the President of the Hindu state Mr. Ramnath Kovind, Governor of Haryana,  Governor of Himachal Pradesh and the Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar lal Khattar are leading a religious Hindu procession in a country whose constitution states that it is a secular state. The Hindus are in a majority of 90 % in THIS and therefore in a secular state they cannot show their executive Hindu religious majority strength.

Apart from this President Ramnath Kovind is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces which are secular in charter as many religious groups form this armed force which is said to be the fourth largest in the world. If the Commander in Chief has been radicalised into fanatic Hinduism then it will have an adverse effect on the armed forces which will not accept the radicalised fanatic Hindu religion, culture and polity.

Our party takes a serious view of this religious march which extols the virtues of a religious Hindu scripture- The Geeta which is good but very divisive as it splits the Hindu society into four castes of the four-fold social order of Varna’s leading to the abominable Hindu scripture the Manu Smriti which is another word for apartheid which is banned by the Sikh religion which is strictly against this four-fold social order of Varna (Manu Smriti).

So the ouster of Mugabe according to our party is good and such ousters should take place anywhere where ruthless religious disports wield political power, whether in THIS or elsewhere.

Simranjit Singh Mann


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