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10 dead, 30 hurt in Lahore blast

The Tribune 24th February 2017

10 dead, 30 hurt in Lahore blast


Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann: Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that we wonder who is behind these deadly and inhuman attacks carried out day after day in Lahore, the erstwhile political capital of the Sikh’s. Busy bodies who harp on terrorist acts are shying away from finding the culprits behind these deadly attacks. We know they are ostriches whose heads are buried in the sand. If the busy bodies can see the body of the ostrich then why are they not uncovering the head of the ostrich dug in the sand? Seven Islamic countries have been identified as terrorist states by President Donald Trump. Why can’t the Americans identify the bird when its body is stark open to sight? Our party would ask Mr. Trump to stamp out terrorism, no matter who the sponsors are, without fear or favour.

Below we print the following news item of The Tribune dated 24th February 2017

On this sensitive matter our party states that nuclear secrets were stolen from the Naval War Room mentioned above. The main culprit was a close relative of the then Naval Chief. In the second incident Air Chief Marshal  Tyagi has been arrested and indicted in the helicopter purchase deal.

 There is a lot of talk that nuclear assets can be stolen from the strong rooms of Pakistan. In Pakistan we may clearly state that when this happens such assets would find their way to non state militants, generally referred to as terrorists on ideological grounds. However, in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) nuclear assets can be stolen through purchase in money by the same non state militants. That is the difference between the Hindu Indian state and the Islamic Pakistani state as regards nuclear assets. The Hindu state’s Naval Chief’s relative who stole the nuclear assets from the Naval War Room in Delhi has still not been arrested and interrogated and is at large. Simranjit Singh Mann  

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