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The Tribune 27.12.17

Hindustan Times  27.12.17

Times of India  27.12.17

SAD (A) ignores Akal Takht advice, holds conference at Jor Mela

Manish Sirhindi| TNN | Dec 27, 2017, 07:46 IST

FATEHGARH SAHIB: Even as the Congress and SAD kept away from holding political conferences on the second day of the Shaheedi Jor Mela here, SAD (Amritsar) led by Simranjit Singh Mann refused to adhere to the Akal Takhtguidelines and organised a conference raising issues pertinent to the organisation.

Mann said his party followed the principle of ‘Miri Piri’ laid down by the sixth Sikh master Guru Hargobind, who had got Akal Takht Sahib constructed and wore two swords of ‘Miri and Piri’ to assert that religion and politics were not separate.

ਅਜੀਤ  28.12.17

ਜਗਬਾਣੀ  28.12.17

ਪਹਿਰੇਦਾਰ  28.12.17

ਸੱਚ ਦੀ ਪਟਾਰੀ   28.12.17

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